Knowing how to effectively and succinctly communicate your research is essential for any job. Win prizes for effectively and succinctly communicating your research in 3 minutes to a broad audience.

In Spring 2022, Brandeis will be hosting the three minute thesis competition (3MT). Describe your research in under 3 minutes to a panel of judges and using only one slide.

The Brandeis 3MT competition is a university-sponsored speaking competition designed to showcase graduate student research in three-minute talks to a general audience. This is an opportunity for graduate students engaged in original research to develop communication and presentation skills while sharing their work with faculty, staff, and students across Brandeis University. 

If you are potentially interested in participating in the Three Minute Thesis competition, add your name to our list.





Judging Criteria

The following criteria will guide the judges decisions:
Comprehension & Content
Engagement & Communication

Tips for Success in the Competition