In our Geeking Out With...series, we talk to GSAS students about their passions, from research to teaching to off-campus hobbies. Read all the profiles here!

June 2o24: Manning Zhang, Sociology and Social Policy PhD student, talks about her research into gymgoers in the Boston area and how it relates to her interests in culture and health.

May 2024: Anna Valcour, Musicology PhD student, talks about her immersion in opera as both a performer and a researcher.

April 2024: Brynna Kilcline, Computational Linguistics master's student, talks about her love of reading and how it helps her de-stress.

March 2024: Jillian Franks, Psychology PhD student, talks about her research into empathy and the surprising ways her passion for theater has informed it.

February 2024: Joseph Weisberg, History PhD student, talks about his research on Jewish American relationships to slavery and how he arrived at this focus.

January 2024: Medha Asthana, Anthropology PhD student, talks about their love for music in all spheres of life.

December 2023: Ayla Cordell, English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies master's student, talks about her role on the GSAS professional development team.

November 2023: Anjali Pandey, Molecular and Cell Biology PhD student, talks about science and telling its stories.

October 2023: Joshua Perlmutter, Mathematics PhD student, talks about watching and ranking movies with friends.

September 2023: Miranda Peery, English PhD student, talks about her range of teaching experiences.