It’s a fact of life here at GSAS: You will work one-on-one with faculty who are global leaders in your field of study.

One of the most important indicators of a student’s satisfaction with graduate school is how much access and interaction there is with faculty members. At Brandeis, mentoring is an essential component — perhaps the leading component — of your graduate experience, and one that distinguishes us from other institutions.

Ulka Anjaria

Professor Anjaria teaches and researches South Asian literature and film. Her first book was a study of progressive writing, a movement that became dominant in mid-20th century India. Her second book considers the relationship of contemporary Indian literature and film to new politics in India. Her most recent book is an introduction to Bollywood cinema.

bulbul chakraborty

Professor Chakraborty is a condensed matter theorist who is interested in systems far from equilibrium. Her recent research has been focused on exploring emergence in the macroworld where thermal fluctuations are irrelevant, analyzing the origin of glassy dynamics in supercooled liquids, and the collective behavior of active matter.

Thomas Fai

Professor Fai’s research is focused on the modeling and simulation of biological phenomena, including the fluid dynamics inside of cells and membrane growth and form in cellular precursors. To model these phenomena, he uses ideas from subjects such as partial differential equations, graph theory, and differential geometry.

Charles Golden
Professor Golden's research is focused on archaeology, remote sensing, Mesoamerica, and the Maya. He is currently working on the Proyecto Arqueologico Busilja-Chocolja, a regional study of the landscape around the archaeological site of La Mar in Chiapas, Mexico.
grace han

Professor Han’s research focuses on developing a wide range of unique optically controlled molecular switches for energy conversion/storage and optoelectronic applications. Photo-switchable molecular systems absorb light and respond via structural change that provides control over a broad array of properties in diverse organic and soft materials systems. 

jane kondev

Professor Kondev is a theoretical physicist who works on problems in molecular and cell biology. His research is driven by quantitative experiments on single molecules and single cells. The goal is to provide a mathematical framework that can explain the available quantitative data, and makes testable predictions that can guide new experiments.

“I take enormous pride in the success of my Brandeis students, and I'm especially happy that so many of them have stayed in touch with me.”

Jonathan Sarna

Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History and Chair of the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program