Connected PhD

In 2019, Brandeis University was awarded a major grant from the Andrew W. Melon Foundation to enrich professional development opportunities for doctoral students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Two types of funding are available to humanities and social sciences PhD students: 1) grants of up to $5000 to acquire practical skills and 2) grants to pay for internships and part-time work that has clear professional development opportunities. 

Grant deadlines: October 15, 2021; January 15, 2022; April 1, 2022 (there are different deadlines for each semester)

Contact: with any questions

Internal and External Funding

Brandeis graduate students regularly receive fellowships and grants to support their MA and PhD research. The Fellowships and Grants page lists funds available through Brandeis University (internal) as well as other associations (external) where students can apply for grants.

Conference and Research Awards

Students who are presenting at a conference or will incur costs associated with a thesis or capstone project can apply for one of the conference and research awards available to MA and PhD students.