Professional Development at GSAS is for PhD and MA students in all departments and in all stages of their career. Whether you are just starting or are about to finish your degree, the resources we provide are for you. Our goal is to enable students to pursue fulfilling careers in the private sector, academia, non-profits and government.

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Susanna Klosko

Digital Humanities Designer/Manager at the University of Virginia

Sierra Dakin Kuiper

Senior Manager, Foundation and Donor Relationships, Environmental Law Institute

Connected PhD

In 2019, Brandeis University was awarded a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to enrich professional development opportunities for doctoral students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Two types of funding are available to humanities and social sciences PhD students: 1) grants of up to $5000 to acquire practical skills and 2) grants to pay for internships and part-time work that has clear professional development opportunities. 

Grant deadlines: October 15, 2021; January 15, 2022; April 1, 2022 (there are different deadlines for each semester)

Contact: with any questions


Grants for skill-building

Internship and part-time work opportunities

 Grant Recipients:

Luke Blackburn, Music Composition and Theory,
“Arts Administration with Dinosaur Annex”
Christiana Botticello, Politics, “Resources Coordinator for Brandeis’ Quantitative Skills Center”
Paige Eggebrecht, English, “Library Science Coursework at the University of Alabama”
Diana Filar, English, “Grant Writing and Research Internship with the International Institute of New England”
Daniella Gáti, English, “Developing Skills in Data Analysis, Visualization, and Natural Language Processing”
Sarah Halford, Sociology, “Introduction to Mixed Methods with ICPSR Summer Program”
Moriah King, Anthropology, “Designing Key Stakeholder Communication Strategies Using Visual Ethnography”
Houman Kooraei Oliaei, Anthropology, “Esri Academy Coursework and Certification”
Jennifer LaFleur, Sociology and Social Policy, “Public-facing Research with Boston Public Schools”
Lijun Lin, Sociology, “Volunteer Work at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center”
Jeremy Rapaport-Stein, Music Composition and Theory, “Public-facing Media and Developing a Podcast”
Niko Yamamoto, Music Composition and Theory, “User Experience Design Skills for Website Building”


Jessi Brewer, English, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Jordan Clapper, English, “Fundamentals of Computer Coding and Game Design”
Sascha Cohen, History, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Kim Craig, Anthropology, “Adobe After Effects Software to Support Film Postproduction”
Rachel Dale, English, “Library Science Coursework at Simmons University”
Jenny Factor, English, “Technological Advisor for the Clemente Course in the Humanities”
Emiliano Gutierrez-Popoca, English, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Yi He, English, “Coursework at the Rare Book School”
Bridget Kelleher, History, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Dominick Knowles, English, “Internship with the Broadsided Press”
Bailey Ludwig, English, “Library Science and Archival Skills”
Arantxa Ortiz, Anthropology, “Flaherty Film Seminar”
Anja Parish, Politics, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Holly Robbins, Politics, “Community-facing Work with the Brandeis Education Justice Initiative”
Caitlin Sackrison, History, “Internship with the Norwegian American Historical Association Archives”
Ann Ward, Sociology, “Administrative Work with the Office of Sustainability”
Niko Yamamoto, Music Composition and Theory, “Developing Skills in Data Science”


Robert Cochran, History, “Digital Tools for Humanists”
Giuseppe Desiato, Music Composition and Theory, “Building Solid Coding Skills”
Houman Kooraei Oliaei, Anthropology, “Volunteer Work with Yazda Organization”
Carissa Wilbanks, English, “Skill Building and Credentialing Project with the UX Writing Academy”


Many of our students have also completed Higher Education Administrative Internships at Brandeis through the Connected PhD program. Learn more about these internships.