Brandeis was founded on the principle of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we remain one of the few academic institutions in the United States who can make that claim. Our university came into being at a time when people of Jewish heritage were prevented from attending school or attaining faculty positions at Ivy League institutions, and we believe that no population should be prevented or dissuaded from pursuing a world-class education. At GSAS, we are committed to seeking, affirming, and working collaboratively with students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, cultures, identities, and experiences.

Our dedication to inclusivity goes beyond our commitment to social justice. We believe that cultivating a truly diverse and vibrant community benefits all scholars at GSAS and brings necessary perspectives to our research efforts and academic endeavors. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are ongoing priorities at Brandeis, and are key to our conceptualization of academic excellence at GSAS. We welcome you to learn more about some of our campus resources.

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