Image List

"Taskmaster Fez: Avadim (we were slaves), The Story of Joe," 2016.

Digital imagery, felt, silk, mixed media

50.5" x 18"

"Useless Females: Don't Stand There Like a Decoration from Words of My Father," 2019.

Resin, handmade paper, digital image, felt, mixed media, mixed media

48" x 18"

"F-Ezra: Made a Woman," 2014.

Silk, felt, brass, digital imagery, mixed media

55" x 22" x 13"

"Magic Carpet Ride: Little Maharajah," 2017.

Digital imagery, paper, textile trim, mixed media

19 7/8" x 20 5/8"

"Turban Marriage Fez: To Have and to Hold," 2017.

Digital imagery, french lace, silk, trim, mixed media

48" x variable

"Magic Carpet Ride," 2016.

Digital imagery, paper, embossing, textile trim

14" x 12.5"

"Sister Fez: Smear Tactics," 2016.

Digital imagery, silk, mixed media

56" x 15"

"Evil Eye, Marriage Curse (I don't, I do),"2020.
Silk, digital image, wood, mixed media
47” x 35 ½”
“Red Fez: Boy, Woman, Byculla, Bombay," 2012.
Felt, silk, mixed media
8" x 24"