Office of the Provost

Policy for the Use of Wasserman Cinematheque

November 2016

Wasserman Cinematheque provides state-of-the-art projection technology for film screenings for the Brandeis community. Requests for scheduling of the cinematheque should be made through the Film, Television and Interactive Media program; scheduling priority is given to FTIM and other Brandeis academic programs. Oversight of the facility, including maintenance of its physical condition and all cinematic/projection equipment, is the responsibility of the FTIM chair and the executive committee in cooperation with the vice president for operations. The FTIM chair reports to the dean of arts and sciences on all issues concerning the scheduling and oversight of the facility.

Cinematheque availability is open to the greatest extent possible, given the programming needs of the Film, Television and Interactive Media program. During some periods, the ability to schedule early screenings with accompanying appearances by directors, actors or others does require short‐term notice that may result in a conflict and require the rescheduling of an event. During the fall semester (Sept. 1 through Thanksgiving) and between March 15 and May 1, use of the cinematheque is restricted, with the following exceptions.

During these restricted times, university programs may schedule in advance events that conclude by 4 p.m. Advance requests may also be made for Saturday and Sunday bookings of special events during these periods. However, university programs interested in booking the cinematheque during restricted periods where the event begins after 4 p.m. will need to submit a proposed date/time and "alternate date/time." In the case of a conflict where the cinematheque needs to be used for a previously unscheduled FTIM program event, the chair of FTIM will contact the applicant no later than three weeks before their scheduled event and move their event to the alternate date.

No regularly scheduled classes, other than the core FTIM film class (FTIM 100a) or other FTIM courses approved by the program chair, may be held in the cinematheque (individual class sessions requiring use of specialized technologies in the cinematheque may be scheduled in accordance with the policy outlined here). Nonfilm academic events in the cinematheque require restricted use of the stage since it is rather narrow and to protect the screen from damage.

The cinematheque must be booked with Conference and Events Services and the Office of the University Registrar once reservations are approved by chair of FTIM, who will respond to all requests in a timely manner. Use of the cinematheque requires engaging and paying the fee of a university-trained, FTIM-approved projectionist, who will have exclusive access to the projection booth and equipment.

Nonacademic units of the university, and nonuniversity organizations, may request use of the cinematheque consistent with guidelines above. Such bookings are subject to a fee schedule that will be posted on the Wasserman Cinematheque webpage. The fee will, in addition to the projectionist fee, consist of either a flat fee for use of the facility or a 50% share of door receipts for any event for which admission is charged. Receipts of such fees are to be shared by FTIM and the university. Events that require unusual security or other arrangements may entail additional fees for such arrangements, all of which are to be paid to the university.