Center for Teaching and Learning

CTL Help Request Form

How can we help?
Here at Brandeis, the Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting instructors with their teaching and learning needs. If you are an instructor (including faculty members, lecturers, graduate student TAs, etc.), please fill out a CTL Request form to explain the issues and challenges you are facing, and we will reach out to you with help shortly!

CTL Help Request Form

What are some examples of the kinds of help the CTL can provide?
Some of the common issues that instructors have that we are happy to support are: 

  • Defining and articulating my course goals
  • Planning my use of class time
  • Designing an assignment
  • Checking my syllabus
  • Training and supporting my TAs
  • Developing course materials (lectures, slides, etc.)
  • Providing workshops on a topic of your interest
  • Help with presenting/teaching texts
  • Help with scaffolding discussions
  • Help with classroom management strategies
  • Help with organize student group work
  • Help with grading
  • Help engaging students
  • Help preparing students to succeed in the course
  • Help designing in-class activities
  • Help preparing students to give oral presentations
  • Help teaching students how to read critically
  • Help writing education, outreach, broader impact portions of grant applications
  • And more!


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