Getting the Brandeis Student Experience

In addition to the Study Abroad Ambassadors, many study abroad returnees are eager to talk to you about their experience overseas. When you find a program you like, ask a staff member to provide you with contact information for students who went on that program.

Similarly, Brandeis' Study Abroad publication, Wander, is a wonderful place to read about past students' experiences.

2013-2014 Study Abroad Ambassadors!

Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is pleased to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who have volunteered to talk with fellow students about their study abroad programs and offer any advice or suggestions. Feel free to contact the ambassadors listed below with your questions.

 Name                 Majors (Minors)                               Location
Patricia Amselem Math & Linguistics St. Petersburg, Russia
Rachel Barron Psychology (Hispanic Studies) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Katie Doody History (Hispanic Studies) Seville, Spain
Lisa Galperin Economics (Business & Theater Arts) Copenhagen, Denmark
Si-Si Hensley Anthropology (Legal Studies) Istanbul, Turkey
Molly Lortie Int'l and Global Studies (South Asian & Environmental Studies) Kathmandu, Nepal
Nicholas Medina Biology (Environmental Studies) Panama City, Panama
Joanna Nix Anthropology (Journalism & Classics) Rabat, Morocco
Alexandra Patch German Studies & Linguistics (Anthropology & Theater Arts) Vienna, Austria
Bianca Perdiz English (Hispanic Studies) Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013-2014 Ambassador profiles!

Patricia Amselem - Office Hours: Fridays 1-2pm
ACTR/St. Petersburg, Russia - Summer 2013
Mathematics and Linguistics Majors
Patricia Amselem is a senior from Madrid, Spain majoring in Mathematics and Linguistics. She enjoys learning languages and is currently studying her fourth language, Russian. During the Summer 2013, she studied abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia for two months where she had a wonderful experience getting to know the language and the culture better. Patricia loves to travel and discover new places and new cultures. She enjoys spending time with friends and telling anecdotes about her experience abroad. She thinks going abroad is a unique opportunity one should always consider and is excited to be able to help students with their decision to study abroad.

Rachel Barron - Office Hours: Tuesdays 12-1pm
IFSA-Butler/Argentine Universities Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Spring 2013
Psychology and Hispanic Studies Majors
Rachel Barron is a senior returning from her Spring semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she studied film at the Argentine University of Cinema  (Fundacion Universidad de Cine). At Brandeis Rachel is a Psychology and Hispanic Studies major. While in Buenos Aires, Rachel enjoyed branching out and concentrating on a subject that had nothing to do with her majors at Brandeis while studying alongside Argentine students. She lived with an Argentine family and thus was able to truly immerse herself in both the language and the rich culture. For Rachel, the best part of studying abroad was the experience of complete independence along with the endless adventure of being so far from home.

Katie Doody - Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-3pm
CIEE/ Liberal Arts, Seville, Spain - Fall 2012
History Major and Hispanic Studies Minor
Katie Doody is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She spent the fall of 2012 in Seville, Spain, where she improved her Spanish accent, volunteered as an English tutor, and ate plenty of churros con chocolate. With the CIEE Liberal Arts program, she took classes in Spanish history and culture and traveled to historical sites around Southern Spain. She lived with a Spanish family that gave her the authentic inside scoop on all things Spanish, from delicious dinners to the Spanish version of The Voice. In her free time at Brandeis, Katie sings with Proscenium and works as a tutor for the Gateway Scholars Program. She is excited to be working with the Study Abroad Office and can't wait to answer all your questions!

Lisa Galperin - Office Hours: Mondays 3-4pm
DIS/ International Business, Copenhagen, Denmark - Spring 2013
Economics Major and Business and Theater Arts Minors
Lisa Galperin is a senior from Warminster, Pennsylvania majoring in Economics and minoring in Business and Theater. In the Spring of 2012 Lisa studied International Business in Copenhagen Denmark. While living with a host family outside of the city, she was able to fully integrate herself into the Danish lifestyle. This included layering up due to the cold winter days, packing smørrebrød for lunch, and realizing that in some countries handball is actually a legitimate sport. When not hibernating in her beautiful Grad, Lisa enjoys trying new, yummy foods and karaoke. She is excited to answer any questions about study abroad and hopes you don’t mind her excess gabbing about people with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Si-Si Hensley - Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-2pm
CIEE/Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey - Spring 2013
Anthropology Major and Legal Studies Minor
Merhaba! Si-Si Hensley is a senior at majoring in Anthropology, with a focus in archaeology, and minoring in Legal Studies. For Spring 2013 semester, Si-Si studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey with CIEE where she fell in love with the people, the food, and its unique culture. One of the coolest aspects of her program was that she was able to go to school and take classes with Turkish students. Not only did it help immerse her in the Turkish culture, but also she was able to make a lot of Turkish friends. Si-Si felt that the best part of her experience was being able to travel in and around Turkey and visit many famous archaeological and historical sites like Troy, the Blue Mosque, Haggia Sophia; the list goes on and on. At Brandeis, Si-Si plays volleyball for the varsity team, which means when she is not studying or sleeping you can often find her at the gym. She is also applying to write a senior thesis in anthropology this semester on top of applying for graduate school. Si-Si is very excited to be a Study Abroad Ambassador and hopes to help fellow students plan an abroad experience that will no doubt change their life!

Molly Lortie - Office Hours: Thursdays 1-2pm
SIT/ Tibetan & Himalayan Peoples, Kathmandu, Nepal - Spring 2013
International and Global Studies Major and South Asian Studies Minor
Molly Lortie is a senior International and Global Studies major with minors in both South Asian and Environmental Studies. In the spring of 2013 she studied abroad in Nepal with the SIT: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples program. While in Nepal she studied Tibetan language, trekked in the Himalayas, and conducted research on both the impacts of global warming in the Himalayas and the practice of monks disrobing from monastic life.  In addition to her study abroad program, she volunteered with an education advocacy and rehabilitation non-governmental organization in New Delhi, India through the Brandeis-India Initiative. In her spare time, Molly enjoys hiking, singing, guitar and playing with her dog.

Nicholas Medina - Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-3pm
SIT/ Panama City, Panama - Spring 2013
Biology Major and Environmental Studies Minor
Nicholas is a first-generation Dominican-American senior studying Biology and Environmental Studies and an aspiring environmental scientist. He went abroad to learn more ecology, Spanish, and about his family's culture, but came back having learned about so much more that he will forever deeply appreciate like horrible driving, sour seafood salads, and 45-minute-long reggae-techno mixes. He did plant ecology research for his end-of-semester independent study with 2 local Panamanian farmers who knew more about the nearby national forests than there is information currently published about them. Nicholas also firmly believes that study abroad is certainly for everyone when they are ready. How do you get ready? Ask as many people as you can about all of their crazy, funny, and dramatic stories from around the world! If that doesn't tickle your heart, then he's happy to talk logistics--how to help you get on that next boat to Antarctica or wherever you want to go with a Gilman Scholarship or other types of aid (who doesn't love penguins?). Finally, he is excited to be a Study Abroad Ambassador because he will get to be part of so many students' decision-making processes!

Joanna Nix - Office Hours: Thursdays 2-3pm
ADMIDEAST/Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco - Fall 2012
Anthropology Major and Journalism and Classics Minors
Joanna spent a semester in Rabat, Morocco and traveled all around -- from Tangier to Tan-Tan -- and quickly fell in love with the country's people, food, language, landscape, music, and gesticulations. She taught English to a class of energetic high schoolers, interned at a human rights organization, and once drank milk fresh from a camel. Joanna is a proud anthropology major with minors in journalism and classical studies. Besides being a study abroad ambassador, she works for the Innocence Project at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, acts in various theatrical productions, and sings with Company B a cappella!

Alex Patch - Office Hours: Mondays 2-3pm
IES/ Vienna, Austria - Spring 2013
Linguistics and German Studies Majors and Theater Arts and Anthropology Minor
Alexandra Patch is a senior from a tiny town in Vermont, double-majoring in German Studies and Language & Linguistics, with minors in Anthropology and Theater Arts. She spent the spring semester of her junior year studying in Vienna, Austria with IESAbroad (The Institute for the International Education of Students). Alongside her studies, Alex also interned at a nearby school, teaching English to Austrian students aged 11-17. While in Vienna, she enjoyed the 2-euro standing room tickets to the magnificent opera, the ease of public transportation, and the opportunity to speak solely in German. She also developed a new love of hiking, and surprised herself by being able to hike 34 miles in two days around a beautiful lake in southern Austria. At Brandeis, Alex is a UDR (Undergraduate Departmental Representative) for the German Department, volunteers as a tutor for the English Language Learning Initiative, and participates in both theater and dance through the many clubs Brandeis offers. She is very excited to be a Study Abroad Ambassador in order to help fellow students have such eye-opening experiences as she had!

Bianca Perdiz - Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-2pm
IFSA-Butler/Argentine Universities Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Spring 2013
English Major and Hispanic Studies Minor
Bianca is a senior returning from Buenos Aires, Argentina and studies English Literature and Hispanic studies. While abroad in Buenos Aires she enjoyed being immersed into the Spanish language and living the big city life! She indulged in the opportunity to attend various Argentine universities and also enjoyed speaking about diversity in the United States to a group of elementary Argentinean girls. Her favorite aspect of the abroad experience was the endless dining options and the company of great new friends.