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Each ambassadors has office hours each week. Stop by to speak with them about how to choose a program, general study abroad tips, or to learn more about their study abroad program!

Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

Have you ever:

  • Wanted basic advice before meeting with a study abroad staff member?
  • Wondered where you should start?
  • Wanted to hear a student's perspective on studying abroad?
  • Wanted a peer's advice on how to choose your study abroad program?
  • Wanted to speak with someone who has studied in the location you are interested in?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below or come to their drop-in hours--no appointment is necessary.

Study Abroad Ambassadors

 Name  Majors (Minors)   
Jenny Chen International and Global Studies Valparaiso, Chile
Samantha Daniels-Kolin IGS and Politics (Business) Milan, Italy
Amy Dushkin HSSP Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teresa Fong East Asian Studies and HSSP (Economics) Tokyo, Japan
Erica Granor HSSP Durban, South Africa
Katie Lawrence East Asian Studies and Creative Writing Beijing, China
Caylin Marotta HSSP and Sociology London, England
Heleena Mathew IGS (English) Cochabamba, Bolivia and Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rebecca Ottinger Hispanic Studies Granada, Spain
Ajai Scott IGS and Sociology (Business) Cochabamba, Bolivia and The Hague, Netherlands

2014-2015 Ambassador profiles!

Jenny Chen
SIT/ Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development - Spring 2014

Jenny is currently a senior majoring in International and Global Studies and she spent her semester abroad climbing the hills of the coastal town of Valparaiso in Chile. Along with developing strong calf muscles, she loved living with a Chilean host family, perfecting her Spanish skills, and working on her independent study project in Santiago about the Chilean-Chinese experience. She is also an IGS UDR and is excited to work with both departments and all students interested in studying abroad!

Samantha Daniels-Kolin
Samantha Daniels-Kolin
IES/ Milan: Italy Today - Spring 2014

Samantha is a senior at Brandeis, majoring in Politics with International & Global Studies and a minor in Business. She spent the Spring 2014 semester studying abroad in Milan, Italy with IES Abroad! While in Milan she took a variety of classes in Italian & in English. She also worked for a High-Fashion International Brand Consultant. She had an amazing experience traveling through Italy & Europe and improving her fourth language, Italian! While abroad Samantha was able to travel, befriend local Milanese & learn to cook some local dishes. She loved living in Italy & hopes to live in Milan again very soon! She believes that studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity every student should take regardless of their majors. If there's a will there's always a way! Samantha is looking forward to being a resource for other students & share some of her travel & living abroad tips.

Amy Dushkin
Amy Dushkin
SIT/ Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments - Spring 2014

Amy Dushkin is a senior majoring in Health:Science, Society, and Policy. She spent a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent 4 months studying public health, experiencing the culture of the city, and eating as many medialunas as possible. Sadly, she had to leave as the World Cup was beginning, but loves South America and is excited to help students learn about study abroad!

Teresa Fong
Teresa Fong
CIEE/ Sophia University - Spring 2014

Majoring in HSSP and East Asian Studies, Teresa flew to Japan's Sophia University with CIEE for a semester to experience what she read about in textbooks. With her Sophia family, as well as in her everyday environment, she learned and practiced the Japanese language and culture. She especially enjoyed exploring the large cities of Japan, from Shibuya all the way up to Kyoto, while eating their specialty foods, of course! Excited to relive this time abroad and to help students also find their prefect study abroad program, Teresa became an ambassador.

Erica Granor
Erica Granor
SIT/ South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy- Spring 2014

Erica Granor is a senior majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy. Last spring she had a blast in the SIT South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy program, and can't wait to share her enthusiasm for study abroad with other students. In South Africa, Erica lived with gracious host families, saw elephants in the wild, ate too much steamed bread, and conducted an independent study project on the attitudes of rural HIV counselors. Studying abroad changed her perspective on life, and she looks forward to helping other students choose programs that will be meaningful to them!

Katie Lawrence
Katie Lawrence 罗凯玲 -
Princeton in Beijing - Summer 2014

Katie Lawrence (罗凯玲) is a Junior majoring in East Asian Studies and Creative Writing, who is also interested in psychology, anthropology, biology, as well as theater. She just spent the past summer in Beijing, China, where she studied to improve her Mandarin language skills (while becoming friends with the school’s famous Tabby cat in front of her classroom building). Katie also went abroad to China for nine months her senior year of high school, where she lived with a host family and enjoyed the experience of understanding an international community on a personal level. She is planning to go abroad this Spring to Northern Ireland to not only explore European culture, but to take time to focus on what it means to be a writer. Besides musing over story ideas with her friends, Katie also enjoys taking nature photos, playing the occasional video game, and talking to fellow 同学 (tóngxué, classmates) about what it means to study abroad!

Caylin Marotta
Caylin Marotta
BU/ London Internship Program - Spring 2014

Caylin Marotta is a senior majoring in HSSP and Sociology. This past spring she spent her semester studying in London, England with the Boston University Internship Program. While in London she interned with a community weight management program. One of the highlights of Caylin’s semester was being able to travel to other countries during the weekends or breaks! In all, she was able to travel to eight different countries within Europe during the semester! Caylin looks forward to being a Study Abroad Ambassador so she can assist students with the overwhelming preparation process that studying abroad can sometimes be, from picking the initial location to preparing for the upcoming semester abroad!

Heleena Mathew
Heleena Mathew
SIT/ Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change - Fall 2013
CIEE/ Liberal Arts in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Spring 2014

Heleena is a senior studying IGS and English. She spent the last year doing SIT Bolivia and CIEE Brazil. She loves to travel but both places challenged and inspired her on a new level. She was lucky enough to experience Carnaval in Rio and the first part of the World Cup in Brazil and do research in Bolivia about community efforts against violence against women. She also was able to learn Portuguese and Spanish with the help of both programs. A year abroad really changed her perspective and she is excited to help other students get similarly rewarding experiences.

 Rebecca Ottinger
Rebecca Ottinger
IES/ Granada - Academic Year 2013-2014

Rebecca is a Hispanic studies major at Brandeis, and very excited for her senior year. She studied abroad in Granada, Spain for her junior year and lived with a family as well as in an apartment with international friends. Her favorite part about studying abroad was being immersed in the local culture and gaining a new perspective on the world. She can't wait to be back on campus and speak with everyone.


Ajai Scott
Ajai Scott

SIT/ Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change - Fall 2013
Brandeis in The Hague- Spring 2014

Ajai is a senior at Brandeis University. Her majors are International & Global Studies and Sociology with a minor in Business. Ajai spent an academic year abroad. In fall 2013, Ajai was in Cochabamba, Bolivia studying social change and globalization. She also had the opportunity to live in a village for two weeks called, La Isla del Sol (The Sun Island), where she researched and created a documentary on the natural water system, and how the water unites the Aymara (an indigenous community). She loved and was inspired by her experience in the village of farming, learning to speak Aymara (an indigenous language), chasing chickens and being surrounded by mountains each day. In spring 2014, Ajai was in The Hague, The Netherlands studying international criminal law and peace. She truly enjoyed her time in the Netherlands from learning Dutch, having stimulating conversations in her classes around global justice, to witnessing the trials of war criminals with charges, such as genocides and crimes against humanity. In addition to both countries being an incredible and life-changing experience for Ajai, she is excited to be a Study Abroad Ambassador to be a support and resource for others to one day share and create their own experiences.