Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

Have you ever:

  • Wanted basic advice before meeting with a study abroad staff member?
  • Wondered where you should start?
  • Wanted to hear a student's perspective on studying abroad?
  • Wanted a peer's advice on how to choose your study abroad program?
  • Wanted to speak with someone who has studied in the location you are interested in?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below or come to their drop-in hours--no appointment is necessary.

 Name  Majors (Minors)   
Jane Berry IGS (Economics and Religious Studies) College Year in Athens/Spring 2015
Sophie Brickman Psychology and HSSP CIEE/ Summer Community Public Health in Gaborone/ Summer 2014; DIS Psychology/ Spring 2015
Joel Burt-Miller Biology and HSSP SIT South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy/ Spring 2015
Frances Chang Psychology (Music and East Asian Studies) Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies
Kevin Dupont IGS (Business, Economics, and Politics) BU Switzerland/ Fall 2014
Madeline Engeler Biology and HSSP (Chemistry) Brandeis-India Science Scholars Program/ Spring 2015
Leah Hastings Psychology (Hispanic Studies) IFSA-Butler Chilean Universities Program/ Spring 2015
Katie Lawrence Creative Writing and English (East Asian Studies) Princeton in Beijing/ Summer 2014; IFSA-Butler Queen's University Belfast/ Spring 2015
Eve Litvak Russian Studies, European Cultural Studies (Italian Studies, Legal Studies) CET Siena/ Summer 2014; ACTR St. Petersburg/ Fall 2014; Siena School for Liberal Arts/ Spring 2015; Brandeis in The Hague/ Summer 2015
Hannah Marion Sociology, Hispanic Studies (SJSP, Education, LALS) Sarah Lawrence Cuba/ Fall 2014
Vasavi Nigam Business and Anthropology (Film, Television, and Interactive Media) Arcadia University College London/ Spring 2015
Linda Phiri Business, IGS, and Film, Television, and Interactive Media BU Sydney/ Spring 2015

2015-2016 Ambassador profiles!

Jane Berry
Jane Berry
College Year in Athens - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-2pm

Jane is a senior majoring in International and Global Studies (IGS) and minoring in Economics and Religious Studies. She studied abroad in the spring of 2015 in Athens, Greece on the College Year in Athens program. One of the things that changed her life while abroad was working with her professor, who was in charge of the restoration for the Acropolis, because she was able to experience history in such a very direct way. She also spent time volunteering in the orange groves of the Peloponnese with local students and climbing the nearby mountains. Being in Greece during this time of economic turmoil opened her eyes to the world today and of the past. She can’t wait to share her love of study abroad and give advice to students!

Sophie Brickman
Sophie Brickman
CIEE/ Summer Community Public Health in Gaborone - Summer 2014
DIS/ Psychology - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-3pm

Sophie is a senior majoring in Psychology and HSSP. She studied abroad in the summer of 2014 in Gaborone, Botswana on CIEE's Rural Community Public Health program. She lived with a local family and took courses at University of Botswana in addition to volunteering at a variety of public health clinics. She also studied abroad in the spring of 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark in DIS's European Clinical Psychology program. Through her clinical practicum, she volunteered at a social center for adults experiencing depression, anxiety, OCD and/or bipolar disorder. Both were great experiences and she is really looking forward to sharing her love for study abroad! Additionally, she spent the past summer in Jerusalem working at the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma. Through her study abroad adventures, she has visited 22 countries!

Joel Burt-Miller
Joel Burt-Miller
SIT/ South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm

Sanibona!! ("Hello all!" in isiZulu) Joel Burt-Miller is a senior double major in Biology and HSSP. He studied abroad in spring 2015 in Durban, South Africa on SIT's Community Health and Social Policy program! During his stay, he lived with a main host family for 5 weeks. He also was able to live with 3 more host families in both rural and urban areas, gaining different perspectives on health and the various ways of life for these local South Africans. As a part of his program, he also completed an independent study project, working with people with disabilities in a rural South African community. This project concluded by creating a song sharing the lived experiences of those who he worked with--ask him to share it with you if you are interested! He also enjoyed the beautiful sun, ate great South African food, made some animal friends during safari trips, and was able to visit three other countries--Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana! The semester confirmed how beautiful the world is, and made him want to help others experience the world too!

Frances Chang
Frances Chang
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Mondays 3-4pm

Frances Chang is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music and East Asian Studies. She has lived and studied in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and California before coming to Brandeis! She studied abroad in Kyoto, Japan, last Spring on the Kyoto Consortium of Japanese Studies Program. The program was language intensive, but Frances also took courses related to the Japanese culture and society. She had the privilege to live with a loving host family for the entire semester. She enjoyed all the food, especially matcha (Japanese green tea) and appreciated all the beautiful and serene sceneries, especially the shrines and temples. She learned so much about Japan and herself throughout this semester and a wonderful time in Kyoto.

Kevin Dupont
Kevin Dupont
BU/ Geneva Internship Program - Fall 2014
Office Hours: Thursdays 1-2pm

Kevin is a senior majoring in IGS and Anthropology with minors in Economics and Politics. He studied abroad in the Fall of 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland on the Boston University Geneva Internship Program! While there, he took 3 courses plus an internship at the United Nations Office at Geneva with an attachment at a humanitarian NGO called the International Council of Voluntary Agencies. Before heading to Geneva, he was semi-proficient in French but has now achieved fluency following his time in Switzerland. This summer, Kevin researched social media and its impact on various societies as a Circumnavigators Club Foundation Fellow in China, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Brazil and Thailand.

Madeline Engeler
Madeline Engeler
Brandeis-India Science Scholars Program - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Mondays 2-3pm

Madeline Engeler is a senior majoring in Biology and HSSP. This past spring she had an incredible experience studying abroad in Bangalore, India on the Brandeis-India Science Scholars Program. She took classes at the Indian Institute of Science and interned in a research lab on campus. Her favorite things about studying abroad in India were the people she met, the delicious Indian cuisine  and the monkeys on campus. One highlight of her time abroad was attending a traditional Indian wedding in Jaipur and seeing the Taj Mahal.

Leah Hastings
Leah Hastings
IFSA-Butler/ Chilean Universities Program - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm

Leah Hastings spent her spring semester of Junior year living in Santiago, Chile with a host family under the reign of Juanita the pug, during which her Spanish was corrupted by the likes of po, cachai, weon, and other Chilenismos. On the academic front, she spent time studying the language and culture of the Mapuche, participating in ceremonies and discussions and learning the basics of mapudungun (“language of the earth”). While this did not necessarily pertain to her major, she found it to be an eye-opening and centering experience, and one that left her with a lot to digest, both mentally and spiritually. She found that her favorite aspects of living were often the most mundane- the politically charged street art, the bus musicians, the exchange of touch.

Katie Lawrence

Katie Lawrence 罗凯玲
Princeton in Beijing - Summer 2014
IFSA-Butler/ Queen's University Belfast - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Mondays 1-2pm

Katie Lawrence (罗凯玲) is a senior majoring in East Asian Studies and Creative Writing.  She spent the summer before junior year in Beijing intensively working on her Mandarin, and the following spring traveled to Belfast to explore the history of Northern Ireland.  Since spending her senior year of high school in China, Katie has realized that “no matter where you go in the world, studying abroad will always broaden your horizons, especially when you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re looking for a change.”  As someone who lives with a medical disability and financial constraints, Katie knows that it can be difficult to pursue your ambitions, but she also recognizes that even when so many factors seem stacked against you, living abroad is an experience that is totally worth it.  So whether you’re looking for scholarship advice, tips on living abroad with a disability, or just want to chat, Katie is ready to help you plan your summer, semester, and/or year abroad!

 Eve Litvak
Eve Litvak
CET/ Siena - Summer 2014
ACTR/ St. Petersburg - Fall 2014
Siena School for Liberal Arts - Spring 2015
Brandeis in The Hague - Summer 2015
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-3pm

Eve Litvak is a senior majoring in Russian Studies, European Cultural Studies, and IGS and minoring in Legal Studies, Italian Studies, and Economics. She spent the past year studying in Siena, Italy, St. Petersburg, Russia, and with Brandeis in The Hague. She think food is an integral part of society and really loves to learn about culture. While in St. Petersburg, she interned at The Hermitage Museum (the Winter Palace), which inspired a newfound appreciation and love for all things artistic. She had the opportunity to road trip to southern Italy (twice) and hopes to make the trip by bike next time. She very much appreciates the opportunity Brandeis has given her to experience the world for a year and challenge my ideas and is looking forward to encouraging others to go onwards and upwards.

 Hannah Marion
Hannah Marion
Sarah Lawrence/ Cuba - Fall 2014
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-2pm

Hannah Marion is a senior majoring in Sociology and Hispanic Studies and minoring in Social Justice Social Policy, Education Studies and Latin America and Latino Studies. She studied abroad in Havana, Cuba in the fall through the Sarah Lawrence College in Havana program. She took classes at La Universidad de la Habana and La Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano and attended many lectures through the program that offered notable speakers such as Havana’s city planner, the utmost Cuban expert on the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and Che’s second in command in the Congo. While in Cuba, she learned MMA from the taekwondo champion of Cuba, and lifted weights in an alley near my residence with weights that the Cuban weightlifting team had trained with years before. She feels incredibly fortunate to have experienced a place so politically and culturally different from her own. It was undoubtedly the best four months of her life!

 Vasavi Nigam
Vasavi Nigam
Arcadia/ University College London - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Thursday 2-3pm

Vasavi Nigam is an international student from New Delhi, India and is a double major in Business and Anthropology with a minor in Film. She love to dance, is very chatty, and is a walking-talking encyclopedia on everything Bollywood (The Hindi Film Industry). For her semester abroad during Spring 2015, she was affiliated with the Anthropology, Geography and European Language Culture Studies departments at University College London. It was great to study at such a prestigious school and enjoyed the added charm of living in a big city--London!! Bitten by the travel bug during her early childhood days, she has experienced a lot of cultures, languages and foods worldover. This summer she went back to India to complete the second year of her fellowship project as a Brandeis-India Fellow.

Linda Phiri
Linda Phiri
BU/ Sydney Internship Program - Spring 2015
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-4pm

Linda Phiri is a senior majoring in Business; International and Global Studies and Film Television and Interactive Media. She studied abroad during the Spring of 2015 in Sydney, Australia on the Boston University Internship Program. She took three fabulous courses while there and interned with Slater & Gordon Lawyers, one of the leading Law firms in Australia and Britain, which was an invaluable experience. While in Australia, she was afforded the opportunity to travel to Melbourne for ethnographic research and bask in the beauty of the Australian landscape while exploring Sydney. Additionally, Linda spent the past summer in Accra, Ghana interning for the United Nations and conducting personal reearch  on entrepreneurial drive in Accra through the Brandeis Provost Undergraduate Research fund.