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If you would be interested in volunteering for our office, please e-mail to learn how you can stay involved.

Transitioning Back from Abroad

Looking for advice on how to ease your transition back from abroad? Read advice from past returnees!

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Abroad101: Study Abroad Reviews and Feedback

Please note that is not a Brandeis sponsored website, but is an independent website that publishes student reviews of study abroad programs around the world.

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For information on the summer study abroad process, go here.

Welcome Back


Petra, Jordan

As you begin to integrate back into life at Brandeis University, we invite you to take a look at these pages. We hope they can help to guide you through the re-entry process and offer you some interesting opportunities to become involved with the international community on campus, and in the Greater Boston area.

Mandatory Study Abroad Re-Entry Credit Transfer Session

Anxious about getting credit in your major/ minor or fulfilling a university requirement? We are happy to help you close out the necessary paperwork to get your course work from abroad counted and into sage. Please attend our Re-Entry Welcome Reception during the first week of the semester. At this session, you will learn about the transfer credit process and have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Transfer of Credit

Upon return to Brandeis University it is essential that you transfer the credit you earned abroad, otherwise your work overseas will not count towards your Brandeis University degree. The following steps are necessary to complete this task:

  1. You must have an official transcript sent to the study abroad office. Check with your program to ensure a transcript will be sent and/ or fill out any necessary paperwork.
  2. You must fill out an on-line program evaluation with To access the evaluation, follow the instructions you received in the e-mail from or create an account at—please use your Brandeis e-mail to create your account or you evaluation cannot be processed through the Office of Study Abroad. Please note that your transcript will not be processed until we receive your program evaluation.
  3. If you are seeking credit for General University Requirements, such as School of Creative Arts, Non-Western, etc., please complete the Petition to Request Substitution for Requirement.
  4. The Office of Study Abroad will then process your study abroad transfer credit with the Registrar's Office. Please allow about a week (longer during peak times), for your credit to be processed.
  5. Your credit will appear on your Brandeis University record in sage and also on your official transcript.
  6. You will receive a copy of the credit that was transferred in your local mailbox from the Office of Study Abroad along with a photocopy of your overseas transcript.
  7. If you studied abroad during the Fall or the Spring, you should fill out an online Petition to Request Substitution for Requirement form. (However, Politics students should instead complete a paper TC03 form.)  If you studied abroad during the summer, you should complete a Petition for Major/Minor Transfer Credit (TC07). After filling out the form and gathering the necessary paperwork, please make an appointment to meet with the Liaison as needed.

    ** Students can track the progress of their individual credit transfer process in their Brandeis Study Abroad Account. When we receive an item we will check it off your to do list under material submissions.

Graduate School & Overseas Transcript Requests

If you are planning to apply to graduate school, please remember that your Brandeis transcript does NOT show your grades for study abroad. You will have to provide copies of both your Brandeis transcript and your study abroad transcript with every graduate school application.

If you are directly enrolled in a foreign university, additional individually-sealed official transcripts may be sent to the same address to be kept on file until you need them to be sent to graduate or medical schools.

You also can request a copy of your international university transcript by filling out this form. If you are abroad through an American-based program you should order original transcripts on an as needed basis to be sent directly from the American sponsor institution.