Boston-area Opportunities

A simple web search will help you find a number of internationally focused events, celebrations, and programs happening in the various parts of the Boston area. Don't forget about this great resource next-door! Please feel free to contact us if you need more ideas.

Telling Your Story

If you would be interested in volunteering for our office, please e-mail to learn how you can stay involved.

Stay Connected


Cross-Cultural Opportunities

Get Involved in the Local Community

Coming back to the US and Brandeis after a year or semester abroad can bring about many feelings for students, both positive and negative. If you are feeling a bit down, one of the best ways to beat the re-entry blues is to become involved with the international community here at Brandeis. You can participate in the ICC, write an article for the Justice or the Hoot, and volunteer to speak with students who are just beginning the process of studying abroad. Past returnees have suggested several ways to keep the experience alive - see their suggestions. We are here to listen, assist you and be a safe space to reflect on your time overseas. Don't hesitate to stop by.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Waltham Group Programs

Now that you're back on campus and in Waltham some students find it helpful to get involved in the community that they left for a semester or more. Waltham Group organizes programs for students to get involved in the local community. Some of these programs involve assisting English Language Learners gaining more confidence in their English ability. This may also offer you to continue to practice the language you studied abroad.

For a list of Waltham Group programs, visit their website:

Academic Fellowships

Studying abroad is a great starting point for many students to apply for competitive academic fellowships. Many of these are international opportunities and can be a great way to continue to explore a research area or learn more about other cultures. Please visit the Academic Fellowships webpage for information on these fellowships and how to apply:

Hiatt Center Resources

Many students express a great interest in finding a career with international connections after returning to Brandeis from overseas.  Some seek ways to return to their host country to work or intern while others wish to pursue graduate study abroad.  Whatever your interests and plans might be, the Hiatt Career Center  can help.

Learn more about:

  • job or internship searches  at home or abroad
  • articulating your experience in your career “toolkit,” including resumes, cover letters, portfolios and interviews
  • creating country-specific career documents
  • seeking funding for international projects
  • networking with professionals and contacts in your field wherever they are in the world

Make an appointment with a Hiatt career counselor (781-736-3618) to talk about your specific interests and keep an eye on the Hiatt B.hired site for resources, job opportunities, and a calendar of career-related programming.