Student Research Interests

Abigail Beckham

Environmental anthropology, climate change, multi-species ethnography, and religious anthropology

Medical anthropology, cancer, sociocultural anthropology, South East Asia/ Indian subcontinent, linguistic diversity, body image and identity, forensics

Jennifer Crowder
Joint MA with Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Aesthetics, fashion, materiality, embodiment, queer studies, marginalized/alternative sexualities, identity, U.S. 

photo of Antonio Gioia
Antonio Gioia

Psychological anthropology, constructions of self, extimacy, identity, linguistic anthropology

Kalie Jamieson

Palestine and the diaspora, alternative temporalities, queer theory, visual art

Photo of Sophie Katz
Sophie Katz

Public health, death and dying, religion, medical anthropology

Sociocultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, epistolary and material culture, personhood, identity

Yelim Lee

Sociocultural anthropology, online communities and communication, linguistics, Asian American Studies, Korea, and digital ethnography

Raphael Miller-Figueroa
Joint MA with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Sociocultural anthropology, gender and sexuality, queer theory, post-structuralism, liminal spaces, transnational feminism, transgender studies, and Enby identities

Bioarchaeology, museum studies

Historical archeology, Caribbean Archaeology, Mesoamerican archeology, Forensic Anthropology

Sarah Schmieder
Joint MA with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Gender and sexuality, online communities and communication, queer theory, digital anthropology, sociocultural anthropology

photo of Julie Scesney
Julie Scesney

Refugees, migration, identity, NGO's and non-profit organizations in the U.S., gender, race

Health, wellness, disabilities

Katie Tinch

Death and dying, environmental anthropology, medical anthropology

Lily Turner

Prehistoric archaeology, indigenous peoples of Jamaica