Explore the dynamics and diversity of human cultures

The Department of Anthropology at Brandeis University is a vibrant and active center of research and teaching. Students have the opportunity to study social relations and inequalities, religion and world views, political economies and globalization, the connections among language and social processes, visual cultures and popular media, cultural understandings of medicine and disease, human evolution, and what we can learn about past societies through the study of material culture and the remains of the human body itself.

Professor Javier Urcid stands in front of his class, all smiling for the camera

Professor Javier Urcid with his class


Department faculty carry out field projects across the world; in Africa, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and the United States. With their commitment to undergraduate and graduate teaching and advising, engagement with interdisciplinary scholarship, and spirit of collegiality and hospitality, this department is a vital part of the intellectual life of the university.

Professor Jonathan Shaprio Anjaria stands in front of a blackboard

Professor Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

Undergraduate Program

As a student of anthropology, you will acquire the concepts, theories and methods that will enable you to explore, describe and understand the human world in all its complexity. At the same time, you will be encouraged to pursue in depth your own areas of interest.

Three students look toward the front of the classroom

Professor Sarah Lamb

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are based on core courses in the history, theories, and methods of anthropology and opportunities to pursue a wide range of theoretical, ethnographic and archaeological interests.