Graduate Student Handbook

This Handbook is intended for the use of Brandeis students currently pursuing a graduate degree in the Department of Anthropology. It includes the following information, which is valid for the 2021-2022 academic year:

This Handbook serves as both a guidebook to the various resources available to graduate students and as a rulebook to help you complete all the steps required for your advanced degree in anthropology.  For more information about general requirements applying to students in all Brandeis graduate programs, consult the current Brandeis University Bulletin, especially the section on GSAS “Requirements for the Degree.” Professor Anita Hannig, the Director of Graduate Studies, and Professor Charles Golden, Chair of the Department, are available to answer questions about the rules and procedures for graduate study in anthropology.

Graduate Degree Programs in Anthropology

The following graduate degree programs in anthropology are described in this Handbook: