Careers, Placements, and Publications

Graduates of our MA and PhD program have gone on to successful academic and professional careers. The American Anthropological Association and the H-Net Job Guide both list academic career openings.  You can find information about jobs, post doctoral positions and grants in the United Kingdom and Europe here.

Selected MA Alumni Job Placements

  • Rachel Bukanc, MA’99, Senior Associate Dean, Williams College
  • Talia Coroniti, MA’17, Research Lead, Britain Thinks
  • Sierra Dakin Kuiper, MA'18, Corporate Grants Administrator at City of Lethbridge
  • Shawn Dunlap, MA’17, Health Science Specialist, U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs

  • Paige Holloway, MA' 15, UX Content Strategist with CVS Health
  • Anandam (Andy) Kavoori, MA’92, Professor of Entertainment & Media Studies, University of Georgia

  • Sasha Martin, MA '17, Development Specialist at Planned Parenthood Northern California
  • Ashlee Moser, MA '18, Special Project Manager, Minnesota Women's Press
  • Katherine Peterson, MA’16, Archaeological Field Technician at PaleoWest Archaeology

  • Elliott Rousseau, MA’16, Specialist, Greater Lynn Senior Services

  • Nebulla Stephen, MA’08, Nurse Practitioner, Boston area

  • Emily Vetter, MA '11, Senior Project Manager, Office of the Provost at Harvard University
  • Keely Swan, MA’11, Assistant Director, Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment, Princeton University

  • Amaranth Weiss, MA’18, Adjunct Instructor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Selected PhD Alumni Job Placements

  • Doug Bafford, PhD '22, Visiting Instructor, College of the Holy Cross
  • Houman Oliaei, PhD '22, Mellon funded postdoctoral fellowship in the Kalamazoo College Department of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Ryan Collins, PhD '21, Southeastern Archaeology Research Incorporated (SEARCH, INC.)
  • Olivia Spalletta PhD'21, postdoctoral position at the University of Copenhagen in the Center for Medical Science and Technology Studies and Department of Public Health
  • Amy Hanes PhD '20, Faculty in the Harvard College Writing Program
  • Aneil Tripathy, PhD '20, Research Fellow, University of Bologna
  • Adam Gamwell, PhD '18, Researcher, Motivbase, Toronto, Ontario
  • Holly Walters, PhD '18, Full-time Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology, Wellesley College
  • Mengqi Wang, PhD’18, Assistant Professor, Duke University, Kunshan campus

  • Ryo Morimoto, PhD’16, Assistant Professor, Princeton University

  • Jessica Hardin, PhD’14, Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Donny Slater, PhD’14, Philips Academy, Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology
  • Casey Golomski, PhD’13, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

  • Melanie Kingsley, PhD’13, Data analysis, US Department of State
  • Casey Miller, PhD’13, Assistant Professor, Muhlenberg College

  • Anne Jaysane-Darr, PhD’13, Assistant Professor, Mass College of Liberal Arts

  • Mrinalini Tankha, PhD’13, Assistant Professor, Portland State University
  • Allison Taylor, PhD’13, Research Associate II, U-Mass Boston, Institute of Community Inclusion
  • Ieva Jusionyte, PhD’12, Watson Family Associate Professor of International Security and Anthropology, Brown University

  • Arnaud Lambert, PhD’12, Professor and Chair, Onandaga Community College

  • Samia Huq, PhD’10, Associate Professor, BRAC University 
  • Daivi Rodima-Taylor, PhD’08, Research Associate, Center for Finance, Law and Policy of Boston University

  • Amy Todd, PhD’04, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, U Mass Boston


Our alumni have published in the top journals in the discipline as well as with high-impact university presses.

Ryan Collins, PhD’18 and Adam Gamwell, PhD’18 also founded and ran the popular podcast "This Anthro Life" while in graduate school at Brandeis.

Selected Articles

by Casey Golomski, PhD’13, published in American Ethnologist

by Jessica Hardin, PhD’12, published in Medical Anthropology