Student Research Interests

Following is a list of current students and their research areas. Click on each student's name for their contact information.

photo of Medha Asthana
Medha Asthana

Domestic spaces, kinship and the home, gendered personhood, mothers and daughters, queerness, person-centered ethnography and the everyday; North India, South Asia

photo of Maya Dworsky
Maya Dworsky

Literature and its relation to the formation of ethnic identities, the use of pedagogical narratives; US, Israel, Palestine. Maya is affiliated with the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies.

Sarah Han
Sarah Han

Aesthetics, adornments of the state, affect, infrastructures of citizenship, gender, belonging, temporality, mobility, urban spaces; Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Indian Ocean, UAE


Nationalism, race, ethnicity, identity and belonging, political anthropology, kinship, adolescence, Eritrean families in Tel Aviv. Skyler is affiliated with the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies.

Kalie Jamieson
Kalie Jamieson

Ballet in the US, performance studies, disability studies/crip theory, queer theory

Taha Kaleem
Taha Kaleem

Gender, sexuality, and queerness in the Gulf; surveillance, space, and intimacy among the queer spaces in the Gulf. Taha is affiliated with the Crown Center for Middle East Studies.


Guanggun (Chinese bachelors), masculinity, media representation, cross-border marriages, oral history, visual and graphic anthropology

Race, property rights, farmland conversion, agriculture, environmental anthropology, visual anthropology and multimodal ethnography; US

Deniz Kizildag

Medical anthropology; temporalities of health, illness, and suffering; stories of the body; medical technologies; death and mortality; narratives of cancer; genetic counseling; United States

Van Kollias

Archaeology, political economy and exchange networks, frontiers, settlement and landscape archaeology, household archaeology, remote sensing, GIS, digital modeling and digital archaeology, cultural research management and education, Mesoamerica: Maya.

Anthropology and philosophy of the state, ethics and politics of representation, visual anthropology (ethnofiction, ethnopoetics, sensory ethnography)

photo of Gowthaman
Gender, sexuality, caste, legal anthropology, human rights, South Asia  
photo of Hui Wen

Aging, Value Theory, Kinship, Senior Community, Social Transformation, China

Yura Yokoyama
Yura Yokoyama

Digital technology, the anthropology of money and finance, economic anthropology, blockchain development, cryptocurrency; Brazil, Latin America

photo of Hong Zhang

Visual anthropology, disposable migrant laborersglobal capitalist system, silence, education, China, Colombia, U.S