Department of Anthropology

Applying to Our Graduate Programs

This information is designed to help those considering applying to our department for a graduate degree (whether an MA in Anthropology, a joint MA in Anthropology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or a PhD in Anthropology). We are committed to welcoming students from diverse backgrounds, including first-generation college (or graduate) students. We hope that this document can help to demystify aspects of the evaluation process.

You can find additional tips and examples in this brochure from The Leadership Alliance, a partnership between American universities and private industry which is dedicated to helping underrepresented scholars attain research, educational, and professional opportunities. Note that this external guide is provided as a general reference; refer to the content below for specific information about the statement of purpose and the writing sample.

We welcome outreach from prospective students with questions about admissions to our program. Questions about the intellectual life of the department can be directed to our Director of Graduate Studies, Jonathan Anjaria, and to individual faculty members with whom the applicant may wish to work. Questions about the logistics of applying and finances can be directed to our department administrator, Laurel Carpenter. (First, however, please read this document to see whether it addresses your questions!)