Computer Science Placement

This placement exam will help you determine which of the following two courses is appropriate for your enrollment (COSI 10A or COSI 12B). You are welcome to enroll in COSI 12B and/or COSI 10A while going through the placement exam process. 

This exam assesses if you are ready for COSI 12B "Advanced Programming Techniques in Java". It will test your knowledge of Java syntax, control flow, ability to trace code, primitive data types vs reference types. You will need to demonstrate good knowledge of the Scanner, String, and Math classes, familiarity with fundamental concepts of classes and objects, and fluency working with arrays. If you need to refresh those topics, we advise you take a look at the book that will be used in COSI 12B "Building Java Programs" by S.Reges and M. Stepp (any edition will suffice). The first 8 chapters cover what you will be tested on.

The self-administered test will be available until July 4th. A different, but equivalent, test will open again before the start of classes, to allow graduate students to study over the summer. Please note that you have one hour and thirty minutes to answer 25 questions.

If you have test accommodations, please contact us via email with your accommodation letter. We need the letter no less than 48 hours in advance. If you have questions about documenting a disability or requesting accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Support (SAS) at 781.736.3470 or