Where Are Our Alumni?


Company or School

Deepali Agarwal, MA'12

QA/Release manager, SKOUT

Paul Chiusano, MA'07

Founder and Principal Consultant, Stage N Consulting

Alissa Cooper, MA'13

Senior Software Engineer, MITRE

Nicholas Cummins, MA'15

IT Business Analyst, Engineering and Legal Applications, Sikorsky Aircraft

Shuo Diao, MA'13

Software Engineer, Fitbit

Nidhi Jain, MA'14

Business Analyst, Development Heroes

Rachel Leeman-Munk, MA'15

Associate Software Engineer, Veeva Systems

Yalin Liu, MA'15

PhD Candidate, Notre Dame

Kemi Peng, MA'16

Software Engineer, MAC, Blizzard Entertainment

Thanya Rajkobal, MA'14

Senior Software Engineer, Suitable Technologies

Godsway Sappor, MA'12

Business Systems Analyst, IntraLinks

Joshua Silverman, MA'15

Principal Software Engineer, Analytics, Salsify

Samuel Thompson, MA'11

Concept Artist, Freelance