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Data Science Internal Internship

Data Science Internal Internship in Higher Education at Brandeis University

Top performing students can help drive innovation and increase operational effectiveness when it comes to data scientific applications in higher education. The Data Science Internal Internship (DSII) in Higher Education at Brandeis University explores this possibility by linking relevant COSI faculty, top performing undergraduate students, and willing administrators across the university open to allowing students to bring data scientific solutions into existing work-flows.

The project supports innovation in university administration while giving DSII students the opportunity to acquire practical experience in data science applications, get paid for their efforts, leave a noteworthy legacy of contribution to their alma mater, and bolster their preparedness for making a positive impact in the world through technology.

The DSII creates partnerships between undergraduates in data science and administrative offices, oversees the experiential learning of participating students, and tracks the impact of bringing data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence into higher education operations. It grew out of Dr. Liebowitz’s and Professor Tim Hickey’s data analytic research on the higher education workforce. For more context and background, see the article about the Brandeis Data Science Internal Internship project in the July-August 2023 edition of Trusteeship Magazine, and also the article in Brandeis Stories