Frequently Asked Questions

The senior thesis requires a considerable time investment, discipline and focus and therefore, is only undertaken by a few students each year. When considering whether to undertake an honors thesis, a student should keep in mind that this is a self-directed study on an original topic that requiring motivation and discipline. As an alternative, students may prefer to enroll in an independent study with a faculty member that requires a less intense level of research, such as COSI 98a.

Date To Do
Fall Registration

Meet with advisor to discuss the proposed topic, timeline and logistics of their thesis.

Submit thesis proposal to the UAH for approval.

Before Add/Drop Date Enroll in COSI 99D (if the thesis proposal is approved by the UAH).
First week in December Complete most of the IRB-approved (if required) research. Create an outline along with a detailed thesis overview or rough draft. The draft must be sufficient to allow the thesis advisor to judge whether the student is making satisfactory progress and therefore allowed to continue in program for the next semester.
Spring Semester Establish a clear schedule for submitting thesis chapters with their advisor.
Before Add/Drop Date Enroll in COSI 99D.
By mid-March Submit finished draft of thesis to advisor.
April (two weeks before the last day of classes) Submit the final thesis to COSI office ( for distribution to the thesis committee.
The day after the last day of classes

Present Oral defense.

Before the commencement

Deposit the revised (if necessary) final thesis with COSI and University Archives (per their deadlines).