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Innovation at Brandeis


Brandeis University engages in research and scholarship that push the boundaries of knowledge, discover how the world works, and design innovations that improve society. In support of these endeavors, the university has developed an extremely active and supportive Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) to achieve a full range of competencies in licensing, business development and legal matters for transferring technologies created within Brandeis. Visit our website to get more information about innovation at Brandeis.

Innovation Courses in the Computer Science Department

White text on black background: Learn How Real Robots Work

Video: Brandeis Autonomous Robotics Lab (COSI 119A)

This is not just "playing with robots." Learn how real robots work. The video shows some of the robots used in Professor Pito Salas's Autonomous Robotics lab (COSI 119A) at Brandeis University, the largest of which is "Campus Rover," a robot students have developed to autonomously traverse environments and deliver packages to destinations. The clip from Campus Rover's perspective is a "live feed" from its onboard camera, which it uses to process images of its surroundings to determine its location while navigating. Here, Brad Nesbitt, MS’19, a Master's student in the computer science program, is working on a web application that allows people to interact with Campus Rover remotely, issuing delivery destinations and monitoring its progress.

Faculty Spotlight

Pito Salas, professor of computer science, talks about his popular Autonomous Robotics course and laboratory.