Innovation at Brandeis


Brandeis University engages in research and scholarship that push the boundaries of knowledge, discover how the world works, and design innovations that improve society. In support of these endeavors, the University has developed an extremely active and supportive Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) to achieve a full range of competencies in licensing, business development and legal matters for transferring technologies created within Brandeis. To get more information about innovation at Brandeis please go visit our site.

Innovation Courses in the Computer Science Department

White text on black background: Learn How Real Robots Work

Video: Brandeis Autonomous Robotics Lab (COSI 119A)

This is not just "playing with robots." Learn how real robots work. The video shows some of the robots used in Professor Pito Salas's Autonomous Robotics lab (COSI 119A) at Brandeis University, the largest of which is "Campus Rover," a robot students have developed to autonomously traverse environments and deliver packages to destinations. The clip from Campus Rover's perspective is a "live feed" from its onboard camera, which it uses to process images of its surroundings to determine its location while navigating. Here, Brad Nesbitt, MS’19, a Master's student in the computer science program, is working on a web application that allows people to interact with Campus Rover remotely, issuing delivery destinations and monitoring its progress.

COSI 119 - Brandeis Autonomous Robotics Lab
Robotics Lab

The Brandeis Autonomous Robotics Lab, led by Professor Pito Salas, is focused on teaching Robotics theory and practice. Students and faculty work side by side on robotics projects large and small. The lab takes a  “multi-cohort multi-semester” approach to teaching, which allows students to learn robotics while helping to build the lab’s major project, the Campus Rover. The Campus Rover initiative  investigates issues of indoor and outdoor navigation using inexpensive robot platforms.

COSI 102 - Software Entrepreneurship

Software Entreprenuership introduces students to the fundamental concepts needed to transform an idea for a software application into a viable IT business. The focus of the course is on software-based IT enterprises and the specific challenges and opportunities they present. Learn the "Lean Startup" process in this course with a significant hands-on focus. 

COSI 152AJ - App Development and Marketing

This summer, as part of the Justice Brandeis Semester, Professor Tim Hickey from the Brandeis Computer Science Department and Professor Grace Zimmerman from IBS, are teaching App Development and Marketing. The courses will empower students to create applications that allow them to use Computer Science to create value in people's lives, and will give participants the experience of developing a real marketing campaign for their startup product.

Speakers from local companies will be invited to give presentations to the class once a week allowing students to expand their knowledge of the market, while strengthening their professional networks. In addition to developing a deep understanding of what is involved in creating and marketing a mobile and web application, students will gain practice in oral and written presentation of their ideas, and in developing high tech products in small groups. While this is a new JBS program, it combines aspects of two JBS programs from other summers: Voice, Web, and Mobile Apps (2014-2018) and Brand Marketing and Communication (2014 & 2015). 

Examples from last year's Voice, Web and Mobile Apps JBS program included:

  • CollegeInfo which allows you to ask complex questions about the Brandeis course schedule, such as which Computer Science courses are offered this semester on Mondays at 3:00. Students can also use it to build and view their schedule.
  • HumanGainz allows your phone to serve as your personal trainer at the gym reminding you of which exercises are next in the workout you selected.
  • SON is a next generation calendar app which incorporates social media so you can ask which of your friends are free at a particular day/time as well as handle all of the usual calendar operations.
  • SeniorCenter matches seniors based on their interests in books, movies, and TV series. It is designed to fight the isolation and depression common in seniors while allowing them to use their voice rather than click buttons on their computer or phone.
  • SpeechFlow Presentation App controls your computer during a presentation entirely with your voice.
  • DeisTransportApp will make a reservation on the BranVan and query arrival times and bus locations all by voice.
Videos of the JBS 2018 app presentations above can be seen here.