Department of English

Fall 2019 Undergraduate Courses

Pre = Pre-1800 Post = Post-1800 Media = Film/Media
Thry = Theory Multi = Multicultural/ World Anglophone CW = Creative Writing Workshop
OC = Oral Communication WI - Writing Intensive DL = digital literacy
DEIS-US = Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the US DJW = Difference & Justice in the World NW = Nonwestern and comparative studies
Any English class can serve as an elective for the major.
Course  Requirements Instructor Time
ENG 7A: 20th-century American Lit Post, [WI] John Burt MWTH 1-1:50
ENG 10B: Poetry: A Basic Course ENG Elective, CW Close Reading Paul Morrison MW 2-3:20
ENG 11A: Close Reading ENG Thry, CW Close Reading William Flesch MWTH 9-9:50
ENG 19A: Intro to Creative Writing CW, [WI] Grace Talusan TH 5-7:50
ENG 19A: Intro to Creative Writing CW, [WI] Elizabeth Bradfield M 2-4:50
ENG 27B: Classic Hollywood Cinema Media Paul Morrison MWTH 11-11:50 w/ Screening M 6:30-8:50
ENG 33A: Shakespeare Pre William Flesch MWTH 12-12:50
ENG 52A: Refugee Stories, Lives Multi, Post, [NW] Emilie Diouf MW 3:30-4:50
ENG 58A: Lit & Medicine Post, [WI] David Sherman TTH 2-3:20
ENG 61b: Philosophical Approaches to Film Thry, Media William Flesch MWTh 10-10:50
ENG 79A: Screenwriting (beginner) CW, [OC, WI] Marc Weinberg T 6:30-9:20
AAAS/ENG 80A: Black Looks Multi, Media, Post, [DEIS-US, DJW, WI] Faith Smith TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 105B: After Jane Austen Post, [WI] John Plotz MW 3:30-4:50
ENG 108A: Lit & Heresy Pre Laura Quinney TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 109A: Poetry CW, [OC, WI, DL] Chen Chen W 2-4:50
ENG 109B: Short Fiction CW, [WI] Stephen McCauley MW 5-6:20
ENG 123A: Staging the Body Pre Thomas King MW 2-3:20
ENG 138A: Race, Region, Religion Post, [DEIS-US, WI] John Burt MWTH 10-10:50
ENG 143A: History of Mediascapes Pre, Media, [DL, DEIS-US, OC] Dorothy Kim TTh 3:30-4:50
ENG 149A: Writing for Television CW, [OC, WI] Marc Weinberg T 2-4:50
ENG 150B: Out of this World Post John Plotz MWTH 1-1:50
ENG 151B: Performance Studies Thry, Media Thomas King MWTH 11-11:50
ENG 152B: Arthurian Lit Pre, [DL] Dorothy Kim TF 11-12:20
ENG 161a: Literature & Counterculture Thry, Post David Sherman TF 11-12:20
ENG 167b: Writing the Nation: James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Toni Morrison Multi, Post [DEIS-US] Gabrielle Everett TF 9:30-10:50
ENG 172B: African Lit & Human Rights Multi, Post, [NW] Emilie Diouf MWTH 12-12:50
AAAS 124A, After the Dance: Performing Sovereignty in the Caribbean Multi, Post, [OC] Faith Smith TF 11-12:20