Anik Chartrand

PhD - Fourth Year
Graduate RepresentativeAnik Chartrand
M.A. in English, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2020
B.A. in English, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 2018

Primary Advisor

Professor Jerome Tharaud

Research Interests

Settler Colonialism, Indigenous Studies, Postcolonialism, Early American


"Beyond Storytelling: James Welch’s Fools Crow as a Contemporary Native American Bundle System" ASLE-UKI, 2022

"Harm, Hope and Resistance in the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" College English Association Conference, 2020.

"Abandonment Issues in the Neglected Village and In the Castle of My Skin" The British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference, 2019. 

Favorite Work

"Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman and "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison

Recall This Book podcast logo
"As an indigenous person, listening to “Land-Grab Universities” made me reflect on my own education–acquired from a land-grant institution. It was both sobering and stimulating to consider how I profited from a university whose historic and present-day rhetoric on land-grabbing, land acknowledgement, and land-use is a continued support for the settler colonialism project in the U.S." -Anik Chartrand, "Land-Grab Universities and Me," a response to Recall this Book episode 76, a conversation between historian Robert Lee and English faculty members John Plotz and Jerome Tharaud.