Art Storage Policy

Brandeis University Fine Arts department can only accommodate storage for artwork created by declared Major, Minor, and Post Bacc students. All materials and projects stored on Brandeis property must be removed at the end of the semester unless other arrangements have been made.

Majors and Minors

Artwork with a completed Stored Artwork Form that has been printed and attached to the artwork (by a studio tech) may be stored for up to two semesters after the initial storage date. The storage period is non-renewable and is intended to give students time to arrange for off-campus transport/storage of old work. It also accommodates work being held for department exhibitions scheduled during the following 2 semesters.

Artwork and materials not stored in designated storage areas may be subject to disposal or use as materials by other students. See below list for storage locations and storage durations.

Special Storage Needs

Students wishing to store unstretched canvases should refer to the Unstretched Canvas Storage Policy for guidelines and requirements. Any All other artwork or materials that have special storage requirements (ie. oversized, hazmat, etc.) must be discussed with the Instructor and the Studio Technician.

Graduating seniors and Post Baccs

Artwork can be stored up to one semester past a student's graduation date, a Stored Artwork Form, must be completed, printed, and attached to the artwork. It is the responsibility of the student to transport their work to the designated storage location.

Artwork must be removed after one semester of storage; storage cannot be renewed.

NOTE: Students graduating in the fall semester can store their artwork until the end of the spring semester. Students graduating in the spring semester can store their artwork until the end of the fall semester of the next academic year.

Graduating seniors who are continuing in the Post Bacc program are permitted to store work in the shipping container. At the start of their first semester as a Post Bacc student they are permitted to move artwork they plan to actively work on to their studio or designated storage space.

Communicating with students who have work in storage

The studio art technician contacts the students through email to coordinate pickup of work reaching the end of its storage period. If work that has passed the storage period is not pick-up up, an email will be sent to follow up with the student. If no reply is received within 2 weeks, the work will be considered abandoned.

Abandoned Artwork

Artwork that has not been removed within the given storage period, appropriately stored, or renewed if applicable will be disposed of or used as materials by other students.