Florie NamirSocial Media Assistant, Shapeshifter Productions; Independent singer-songwriter and classical composer

Can you describe your career path and how it has led to your current work?

I am currently a full-time jazz-pop singer-songwriter and classical composer. I've taken three degrees, Bachelor's, Masters and finishing with a PhD. I was lucky enough to find a job teaching at the college level when I was still working on my PhD thanks to my professors and colleagues who were already in the job market.  I also nailed some performance gigs through my musicians network. 

What services and/or resources did you use while at Brandeis for your career search? 

Professors as well as administrators in my department. 

What skills from your Brandeis degree have you found most valuable in your current work?

Technical skills of composing as well as electronic music skills from my coursework. When I was a student I also took the opportunity to co-produce composers concerts in my department, which provided real-life experience.

What advice do you have for current students as they embark on their job search? 

Don't wait for your job search! Be as active as you can, work really hard on your course work but also take any opportunity given in your department, ask your professor how you could help or volunteer. All the experience you gain and any internships you take over the summer could give you an advantage in your job search.