Xinyi DuFaculty Affairs Officer, Schwarzman Scholars Program in China

Can you describe your career path and how it has led to your current work?

I worked as an Academic Administrator at Brandeis for a year after graduation and just started my new job as Faculty Liaison at the Schwarzman College in Beijing, China. I have always enjoyed the environment and culture within higher education. Additionally, I wanted to utilize my bi-cultural background by working in an international higher education institution. In this new role, I am responsible for building our Schwarzman College residential faculty community.  My day-to-day responsibilities consist of processing visa applications, serving as the point-contact person for visa inquiry/College resources for faculty, and, most importantly, cultivating relationships and connections with faculty - making them feel at home.

What skills from your Brandeis degree have you found most valuable in your current work?

I gained greater cultural sensitivity by interacting with and being exposed to diverse populations/personnel at Brandeis.

What services and/or resources did you use while at Brandeis for your career search? (i.e. The Center for Career and Professional Development, program administrators, professors, peers etc.)

I talked to various professors to receive mentor-ship, advice, and see if they knew anyone whom I could connect. I posted an ad on Wisdom Wanted, went to workshops organized by GSAS, and visited the GSAS Career Center regularly for resume & cover letter brainstorming/revision sessions.

What advice do you have for current students as they embark on their job search?

It is a mentally challenging process that forces you to re-think about your life purpose, who you really are and how you want to live a meaningful life. Don't forget to actively seek support and motivation from family, friends, and most importantly, the GSAS Career Center. Pressure from peers can be overwhelming but remember that everyone has different paths in life and others' success won't necessarily out shine yours.