The Connected PhD supports faculty to innovate curriculum that prepares graduate students for diverse career paths and creates professional and skill-building opportunities for graduate students. Faculty must be in Mellon-affiliated programs (Anthropology, English, History, Musicology, Music Composition and Theory, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS), Politics, and Sociology) or create curricular projects that benefit students in Mellon-affiliated programs. Faculty have the opportunity to apply for funding for two types of proposals: course development and program innovation.

Future Funding Deadlines for Faculty: 

We are no longer accepting faculty grant applications directly. If you have an idea for a project, please email rather than submitting an application form.

Course Development Proposals
These grants provide opportunities for faculty to propose new or revised PhD-level courses that connect humanistic training to developing competencies and familiarity with other professions. Faculty are encouraged to partner with professional schools at Brandeis (the Heller School of Social Policy and Management, the Brandeis International Business School, and the Rabb School of Continuing Education) to expand course-based professionalization opportunities for PhD students.

Examples include:
  • Skill building courses - that incorporate public scholarship, digital humanities, grant-writing, project management, pedagogy, and other professional abilities into the core curriculum
  • Internship courses - where students are supervised by a faculty member while they are engaging in an internship experience of their choosing.
Program Innovation Proposals
These grants provide support for programs to develop and restructure Mellon-affiliated PhD programs and degree requirements to better account for professional development and purposeful skill building as a part of the doctoral curriculum. Programs are encouraged to create change in partnership with program alumni and current students.

Examples include:
  • Attending workshops and hiring consultations to support faculty members to analyze and restructure curricula.
  • Creating or restructuring pro-seminars to incorporate meaningful professional development during doctoral training.
  • Understanding the diverse career pathways of program alumni and creating support structures for current and prospective students’ transition into the workplace.
Application Information

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. Please note that funding will no longer be available after August 31, 2023. 

Please review the information below for more details about the application requirements and process.

Please contact our team at with any questions.