President Ron Liebowitz stands at a lectern speaking in front of a Brandeis University banner. Others sit behind him.

President Ron Liebowitz speaks at Brandeis's 2023 Graduate Commencement.

May 24, 2023

In his address at Brandeis's first-ever Graduate Commencement ceremony on May 21, 2023, President Ron Liebowitz highlighted the Connected PhD grant and the support it has provided for students. Liebowitz said, "During the pandemic, you continued your work in laboratories and libraries and completed internships both on campus and throughout the community. Many of you were supported by the university's connected PhD grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which encourages and supports multiple and non-traditional career paths. However, few of us or the foundation when it awarded us the grant, could have envisioned just how non-traditional your path to your graduate degree and postgraduate plans would be. Yet, I'm hopeful that these experiences the past few years have indeed prepared you for a variety of career choices and unforeseeable curveballs."

Watch Liebowitz's full speech above. His remarks on the Connected PhD begin at 4:16.