Brandeis faculty and alumni are in the vanguard of feminist scholars worldwide. The Brandeis University Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGS) provides a strong grounding in discipline-specific studies along with an interdisciplinary education in the theories, methods and scholarship of women's, gender, and sexuality studies. We present the current research across a range of specialities, including: Black Feminism; Black Sexuality Studies; Queer, Transgender and Nonbinary Studies; Postcolonial Feminisms; Asian American Studies; and Women and Anglophone Literature from South Asia and the Caribbean. This broad spectrum of approaches creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary dialogue and prepare students for intellectual leadership in careers as diverse as public policy, education, social service, law, management, and writing. Doctoral students will find that our curriculum is excellent preparation for teaching in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and in their chosen disciplines. Visit the program website for more information. Application instructions can be found below.

Degree Options

How to Apply

Application Deadlines

Joint MA: January 15 priority deadline for special funding opportunities. For information on admission deadlines, please go here and refer to the deadlines under the home department in which you would be pursuing a joint degree. 

MA: Please note that the WGS department is only accepting Joint MA applications this cycle.

Application Requirements

Application requirements are below for the (1) MA program and (2) Joint MA programs:

(1) To apply for the MA program, you need to submit:

(2) To apply for the Joint MA programs:

For prospective Sustainable International Development (SID) and Master's in Public Policy (MPP) students who are interested in the joint degree with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Students should apply directly to the joint degree program using the Heller School application.

For specific admission requirements for the other joint MA programs, please refer to the deadlines under the home department in which you would be pursuing a joint degree.

For a more comprehensive description of application requirements, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.