Flexible Reimbursement Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allow employees to pay for eligible health (medical, dental and vision) and/or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. 

How It Works

Employees pay into the flexible spending accounts via pre-tax payroll deductions withheld throughout the calendar year. These dollars are held in a FSA account and are not subject to federal, state or Social Security taxes. Reimbursements are made as employees incur out-of-pocket expenses for qualifying health and/or dependent care services.

The Brandeis University Flexible Spending Accounts are managed by a third-party administrator, WageWorks. You can contact WageWorks at 1-877-924-3967.

Once you have completed a Brandeis University enrollment form and your election has been processed by the Benefits Department, you will need to set up an account with WageWorks. Your online account will allow you to submit claims for reimbursement, check account balances as well as claims in process.

Online Registration through www.wageworks.com

1.    Click Log In/Register -> Employee Registration

2.    First-time users will be required to provide the following details to authenticate their accounts;

  •  First and Last Name
  •  Date of Birth
  •  Home Zip Code
  •  Employee Id number* - last 4 digits. For example my Brandeis employee id is 10055555; on the site, I enter 5555.

*Your Brandeis Employee ID is a 8 digit number found on your paycheck beginning with 100xxxxx.

3.    Once you have completed the required steps for registration, you will now view your Dashboard.

4.    On your Dashboard you will see your 2018 Flexible Spending Account(s) election.

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