Kindness Day

Kindness Day Postcard

Brandeis University is preparing for our 14h Annual Kindness Days: Nov. 13-16, 2023!

The Kindness Day initiative was started by a faculty member with a vision to further connect Brandeis by promoting morale, building community, and encouraging more small acts of thanks and kindness on campus.

This year, we are offering a virtual kindness card, so that all students, faculty, staff, alumni, family and friends of Brandeis University can participate!

We look forward to celebrating the kindness that exists in the Brandeis community, and we want to invite you to play a part! Everyone (faculty, staff, and students) has the amazing opportunity to add to this wonderful event. Kindness is a rippling effect...pass it on!

Find the schedule of this year's Kindness Days below:

Kindness Days schedule