Department of Student Engagement

Utilizing Community Engagement and Service Resources

Through our work and service we often follow the philosophy of volunteering and learning. We hope that through your involvement with the Department of Student Engagement and the Waltham Group you will learn something new about yourself, your peers and the many individuals with whom you interact.

We are dedicated to making your experience both meaningful and worthwhile. When you volunteer, you often experience emotions that range on the spectrum from fear and hopelessness to pride and joy. There are numerous resources for you to evaluate and reflect as you continue your journey of service. On this site you will find resources as they relate to your volunteerism, career and journey of lifelong learning.

Confidential and Non-Confidential Reporting Resources

Brandeis University is committed to providing its students, staff and faculty with an environment conducive to learning, and working, and where all people are treated with respect and dignity.  The University is also committed to and strives to create an environment free of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence.  Concerns about this type of conduct should be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity. This would include any kind of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence that you may encounter on campus or off-campus through your community engagement work. The OEO website has information about confidential and non-confidential support resources and, if preferable, you can always connect with any member of the Department of Student Engagement about your concerns. 

Van Certification 

Interested in taking a Brandeis University/Department of Student Engagement Van Certification course with Public Safety?  Please note, this course is ONLY to be certified to drive DSE vans or other university owned and operated vans.  The new van policy outlines steps students needs to follow to get van certified. The new policy contains a vehicle use application (pdf) which must be completed and submitted to DSE to be signed by any staff member. The form and a copy of applicants drivers license must be submitted to Public Safety via email ( or in-person for approval before taking the online training course. 

Resources for Volunteers Supporting Adults and Youth with Disabilities

Brandeis University’s Department of Student Engagement is committed to providing knowledge for its students and our local community to improve their methods of engagement and advocacy of individuals with developmental disabilities. Sponsored by a grant from the MB & Edna Zale Foundation, DSE has compiled a digital resource library on a variety of services, training and information on inclusion policies with data from nonprofits, universities, and governmental institutions.

DSE also has compiled a list of Inclusion Resources, an in-house educational library available to students interested in research and/or volunteering with individuals with developmental disabilities. If you have further questions or would like more information about any of the materials in the resource library, please contact DSE Director Matthew Galewski.

Alternative Break Handbook

If you're planning an overnight service project, this handbook is for you. Check out the Alternative Break Handbook (pdf) for all the details you'll need to know and checklists to follow to plan a memorable service trip over break.

Dialogue as a Form of Reflection

Among your greatest resources are the students and staff that work with the Department of Student Engagement and the Waltham Group. Never hesitate to set up time to reflect and share with a member of our team. It is our hope that through dialogue we can make your experience meaningful and worthwhile.