Authorized Party Access

For Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 balances, parent’s previously granted Student Account Center Access should continue to log in and pay their balances through the TMS/Nelnet Student Account Center Participant the TMS/Nelnet.

Starting Fall 2021 Students can grant parents, or other trusted third parties, access as Authorized Parties their new Nelnet Student Account Portal. Authorized Party Access allows them to view e-bills, see balance details, make payments and enroll in monthly payment plans.  Instructions for adding Authorized Parties will be emailed to students in June 2021.   Prior authorization as a TMS Participant will not be converted.  Anyone a student wants to have access must be added as a new Authorized Party.

Authorized Party access lets whomever you register have direct access to your Nelnet Student Account Portal, where they can contract for a monthly payment plan, pay directly by credit card or direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Nelnet accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. A user fee of applies to all credit card transactions. There is no user fee for withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

You may add or delete an Authorized Party through your Nelnet Studetn Account Portal by selecting the ""My Profile" tab and Manage Payers..  Authorized Parties will receive an email invitation with instructions for setting up a password to access the Nelnet Student Account Portal details using their own login credentials.  They should not use the student's login credentials.

Participant access to your student account is controlled by the student. You may add or delete people as they wish. Brandeis University assumes that we may speak to anyone to whom you have granted access to your student account.