Refund Request

  • If a student has an overpayment on their student account they may request a refund through Workday Student.
  • Refund eligibility continues to be only for: students registered at least ½ time, all funds on the account must be real not anticipated, no refunds will be issued on accounts with unpaid monthly payment plan balances, all loan and scholarship funds must be received. We begin to process refunds no more than 10 days before the start of the term.
    • Refunds issued through Workday Student will use the method of payment the student has set up in the Refund Payment Elections.  Students can add a US bank account to have refunds issued by Direct Deposit.  If no Refund Payment Elections are set up, the refund will be issued by paper check and sent to the Campus address.
    • Refunds from a Parent PLUS loan:  When the parent applies for the PLUS Loan on; they will select whether any overage should be issued to the student or the parent borrower. This is the method of payment Workday Student will use to deliver any refund portion of a refund due from a PLUS loan.  If the parent borrower requests the refund to go to the student, the PLUS refund will be issued to the student using the Refund Payment Elections set up by the student in Workday Student.  If the parent borrower requests the refund go to themselves, the PLUS refund will be issued by paper check to the parent borrower and mailed to the address listed on the PLUS Loan application.

- For information on Summer School refunds, please visit the Dropping, Adding, and Swapping Courses page.

- For information on GPS refunds, please visit their Financial Options page.