Eve and Allie smile at the camera. Eve is holding a frisbee and they are standing on a lit field at night.

The women's ultimate frisbee team — known as Banshee — has a legacy of creating a community that continues beyond graduation. Read more about Co-Captains Eve R. '22 (left) and Allie M. '22, and the team's unbreakable bond.

Yes, you can do that at Brandeis.

People love to say that college is a time to discover yourself. Well, it's true. And it matters. At Brandeis, we embrace it.

Whether you're continuing your pursuit of a lifelong passion or diving headfirst into the excitement of something new, we have you covered. Every team, performance group, club, organization and activity is a chance for you to get busy, get engaged and get the most out of your time here — previous experience (usually) not required.

Students dancing ballet in front of a mirror
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Video: Brandeis Ballet Club

Clubs and Organizations

Part of being who you are is doing what you love. Think stand-up comedy might be your thing? What about debate? Or swing dancing? Student government, perhaps? Underground music production? Maybe rock climbing?

We've got all that and more.

And because we're a community that values exploration and celebrates risk taking, the clubs you fall in love with one semester are the same ones you might be leading next year.

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Students wearing a swimming cap
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Video: Athletics at Brandeis

Athletics and Fitness

No matter what your game, you'll find it at Brandeis — whether you're a Judges varsity athlete, an intramural all star or just looking to stay fit in both mind and body.

Fielding 19 Division III varsity programs, Brandeis competes in the University Athletic Association (UAA) — and our athletes relish the chance to prove themselves against the best that DIII has to offer.

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Colorful painting on a canvas
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The Arts

Art makes great things happen. It bridges cultures, forges understanding, sparks conversation and inspiration. Since our founding, the arts have been a core part of Brandeis' commitment to global citizenship and social change.

In addition to a wide array of arts events and performances throughout the year, our students, faculty and professional artists present more than 300 plays, concerts and exhibitions. This includes the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, a campus-wide celebration of, and homage to, one of the great creative visionaries in the history of the university, the nation and the world.

Whether you're looking to connect with fellow makers, make new friends, explore potential career pathways or are just searching for opportunities to express yourself, the spirit of creativity is alive and well at Brandeis.

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