Department of Anthropology

Anthropology Department Funding Post-Fieldwork Report

Graduate students who receive Anthropology Department research funds must submit a brief report to Laurel Carpenter within a month of returning from the field/completing fieldwork. Students will have the opportunity to give a short presentation on their work, along with other department grant recipients, during a dedicated BARS session.

Fieldwork summary

  • Student Name/Title of research project
  • Location(s) and dates of research

Participant Observation Research

  • Describe in one or two sentences the fieldwork sites and nature of participant observation research.


  • Number of participants recruited
  • Formal interviews conducted
  • Informal open-ended conversations conducted, including:
    • Everyday conversations and/or events attended
      Describe in one to two sentences the kinds of everyday conversations you carried out with people related to your project (in the markets, on the streets, on public transportation, while meeting new people, while socializing or attending events, etc.)
    • Media, public and web discourse and textual analyses
      Describe in one to two sentences the relevant media and public discourse and texts (e.g., from newspapers, editorials, television reporting, popular magazines, billboards, websites, blogs, online support groups, films, brochures, etc.) you gathered data from while in the field:
      • Other: What other kinds of fieldwork data did you gather and analyze while conducting fieldwork (1-2 sentences)?
      • Budget: Students should work with the department administrator on submitting an online expense report (based on receipts) to get reimbursed. While the specific allocations may change from the original budget, all expenses have to be allowable charges and can't exceed the amount awarded.