Department of Anthropology

Funding for Student Group Activities

Departmental funding for graduate student group activities

In addition to events directly hosted by the Anthropology department or individual faculty members, the department offers support for student-initiated graduate student activities. These may be centered on an academic focus, such as a mentoring activity with a faculty member, post-BARS discussion, a journal reading group or social/community-building. 

Students need to request approval in advance for their planned initiative by emailing a description of the event and budget request to the department administrator. Funding will not be granted retroactively for an event that has already occurred. 

When possible, the department will make advance or direct purchase arrangements for an approved event. Otherwise the funding is on a reimbursement basis.

The maximum funding for a student-initiated activity is $250 per event, and this amount assumes participation of more than 5 anthropology graduate students. Our reimbursement accounting requirements include listing the names of participants for events of 10 or fewer people. There is a cap of $1,250 total spending per semester for graduate student-initiated events.