Interdepartmental Programs

In addition to its 23 academic departments, the School of Arts and Sciences comprises 29 interdepartmental programs. Each program is administered by a council in one of the school's four academic divisions.

Division of Creative Arts

Program Chair/Director Administrator
Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation Toni Shapiro Phim Barbara Strauss

Division of Humanities

Program Chair/Director Administrator
Comparative Literature and Culture Pu Wang Katie Dickinson
East Asian Studies Xing Hang Winnie Huie
European Cultural Studies Stephen Dowden Jennifer He
Film, Television and Interactive Media Alice Kelikian Lisa Brown
History of Ideas David Katz Julie Seeger
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Pascal Menoret Karen Spira
Italian Studies Paola Servino and Ramie Targoff Katie Dickinson
Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies Jeronimo Arellano Mangok Bol
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Jonathan Unglaub Sybil Schlesinger
Religious Studies Kristen Lucken Sybil Schlesinger
South Asian Studies Brian Horton Jennifer He
University Writing Program James Mandrell Doug Kirshen

Division of Science

Program Chair/Director Administrator
Biological Physics Ben Rogers Roland Maher
Genetic Counseling Gretchen Schneider Roberta Brock
Neuroscience Sacha Nelson Heather Felton

Division of Social Sciences

Program Chair/Director Administrator
American Studies Maura Farrelly Sybil Schlesinger
Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies V. Chaudhry Alexandra Brandon
Business Dan Bergstresser Karen Muise
Education Leah Gordon Eileen Kell
Environmental Studies Colleen Hitchcock Jasmine Dottin
Health: Science, Society and Policy Darren Zinner Kathryn Howell
Hornstein Program Shirley Idelson Claire Pavlik Purgus
International and Global Studies Elanah Uretsky Jasmine Dottin
Journalism Neil Swidey Sybil Schlesinger
Legal Studies Rosalind Kabrhel Grace Last
Linguistics and Computational Linguistics James Pustejovsky Michael Golitsyn
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies Melissa Stimell Lauren Jordahl
Social Justice and Social Policy Melissa Stimell Lauren Jordahl