Department of English

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Courses

Course  Requirements Instructor Time
ENG 6a: Amer Renaissance Post Jerome Tharaud TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 32a: 21st-Century Global Lit Multi, Post, [DJW, NW, OC] Ulka Anjaria MWTH 12-12:50

ENG 35b, Women's Friendship (and More) in 19th-Century Literature

Post Abigail Arnold TF 9:30-10:50
ENG 41a, Critical Digital Humanities Methods and Applications Media, Multi, [DEIS-US, DL] Dorothy Kim MW 3:30-4:50
ENG 46b: Amer Gothic Romantic Fiction Post, [WI] John Burt TTH 2-3:20
ENG 48b, The Black Fantastic Multi, Post, [DEIS-US] Gabrielle Everett TTH 2-3:20
HUM 10a: The Western Canon English & CW Elective Laura Quinney MW 2-3:20
C/E 70b: Environmental Film Media, [DJW] Caren Irr MWTH 1-1:50
ENG 89a: English & Creative Writing Internship English & CW Elective William Flesch T 5-6:20
ENG 107b: Literary Witnessing and the Poetics of Memory Post [WI] David Sherman MWTh 11-11:50
ENG 109a: Poetry Workshop CW, [DL, OC, WI] Elizabeth Bradfield T 2-4:50
ENG 109b: Fiction Workshop, Short Fiction CW, [OC, WI] Grace Talusan TH 2-4:50
ENG 117a: The Harlem Renaissance Multi, Post, [DEIS-US] Gabrielle Everett TTh 5-6:20
ENG 119b: Poetry Workshop CW, [DL, OC, WI] Chen Chen M 2-4:50
ENG 129a: Creative Nonfiction Workshop CW, [WI] Grace Talusan W 2-4:50
ENG 131a: Comedy: Literature, Film, & Theory  Thry David Sherman MW 2-3:20
ENG 133a: Advanced Shakespeare Pre, [WI] William Flesch TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 137b: Women & War Multi, Post Emilie Diouf TF 11-12:20
ENG 139b: Intermediate Screenwriting CW, [OC, DL, WI] Marc Weinberg T 6:30-9:20
ENG 143b: Global & Refugee Canterbury Tales Pre, Multi, [DEIS-US, DJW, DL] Dorothy Kim MWTH 1-1:50
ENG 146a: Reading the Amer Revolution Pre [DL] Jerome Tharaud TTH 3:30-4:50
ENG 147a: Film Noir Media Paul Morrison MWTH 10-10:50
ENG 157a, Contemporary Poetry Post John Burt TF 11-12:20
AAAS 134b: Novel & Film of the African Diaspora Media, Multi [NW] Faith Smith TF 12:30-1:50
COML 132b: Poetry & Philosophy Thry Laura Quinney MW 5-6:20
PHIL 182a: Wittgenstein Thry William Flesch TTH 3:30-4:50