Before You Arrive

Below are useful tips and information to help you have a successful transition before you arrive on campus:

Create a Brandeis UNet email account
Brandeis ID card Information
Health forms and information about health insurance
  • All students who will be in the U.S. must complete a health record upon enrollment and submit these records prior to arrival on campus. If you plan to be at Brandeis for the spring semester, please prepare these forms before you join us in the spring. The health record forms are available at the Health Center website.

  • All students who will be in the U.S. are required to have adequate health insurance. Your health insurance coverage plan must be reported to the university each year. Brandeis offers a student health plan that meets state, federal and visa requirements. Students who will not be in the U.S. can waive the insurance reporting or enrollment requirement by attesting that they will not be in the U.S. during the fall semester. You will be able to purchase a prorated insurance plan for January if you will be in the U.S. at that time.

Off-Campus Housing Information
  • The Office of Graduate Affair is hosting Virtual Off-Campus Housing Clinic Sessions in June, July and August to educate students about the process of finding off-campus housing. We highly encourage you to attend at least one of these sessions.
Consult with your program
  • Your faculty adviser and academic administrator are two very important people to get to know. Your adviser will be able to assist you with academic questions, and your academic administrator will be able to answer most other questions about the program. Send each of them a friendly email and let them know you'd like to meet them (virtually). Ask them if there are courses you can register for prior to your arrival. If you have already registered for classes, you have access to your syllabi through LATTE. Check the syllabi for each of your classes to see what technology requirements you may have.

Car Information
  • All students coming to campus for the fall 2022 semester with a motor vehicle are required to complete an online application for parking. Applications must be completed with information that is applicable to current student status. During the application process, when the system requests an upload of documents, submit your current vehicle registration and a valid driver’s license. The commuter permit fee for the 2022-23 academic year is $120. Additional information will be sent via email at the beginning of the fall 2022 semester outlining the dates and times for picking up parking permits. Only students who have filled out applications and paid for a parking permit will have a permit waiting for pick-up. Contact the parking and traffic manager with questions at 781-736-4250 or