Many graduate students work for Brandeis to earn additional money during their time as a student. Student Financial Services hosts a large database of jobs that are available to all students enrolled half-time or more. 

You may apply for jobs as soon as you see a job posted that interests you or fits your skill set, and you may apply for as many jobs as you wish. If the hiring department is interested in your candidacy, they will contact you with further instructions. Typically, an interview is required. Please note that you may not begin working until the first week of classes during the term in which you enter Brandeis. Full-time doctoral students should consult with their department before taking on any outside commitments that might interfere with their academic progress.

Job Opportunities 

The university maintains a centralized listing of job opportunities throughout the year. Most jobs for the fall semester will begin appearing on the job opportunities page during mid to late summer.

International Students

Many international students work on campus while pursuing graduate study. You should consult the International Students and Scholars Office guidelines for international student employment before applying for on-campus positions. Please note that most international students are not eligible to work off-campus. All U.S. employers require employees to have an SSN. Please visit the International Students and Scholars Office for information on obtaining an SSN as an international student.

For More Information 

Should you have any questions regarding student employment and to learn about the hiring process, please visit the student employment website.