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Ask fundamental questions about reality, value, and knowledge, and develop your analytical skills. Receive individual attention while immersing yourself in the community that our well-respected philosophy department provides. The strengths of Brandeis University's Master of Arts Program in Philosophy lie in a number of subfields - metaphysics and epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of language, logic, philosophy of the mind and cognitive science, history of modern philosophy, aesthetics, gender and philosophy, and philosophy of law.  The MA can enhance your credentials and prepare you to apply to leading PhD programs in philosophy. Learn more on the department's website. Application instructions can be found below.

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How to Apply

Application Deadlines

Master's: February 15

Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Program: Brandeis undergraduates interested in this option should apply to GSAS in their junior year.

Application Requirements

Although the department expects that applicants to the MA Program will have had some philosophy coursework as undergraduates, the department does not require an undergraduate degree in philosophy. We encourage applications from students with little to no experience in philosophy, but who are eager to become better acquainted with the discipline and enhance their credentials to apply for a more advanced degree in philosophy or in another area. Applicants must submit:

For a more comprehensive description of application requirements, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.