Voluntary Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw voluntarily from the Graduate School during a semester must do so in writing to the program chair and/or Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate School on or before the last day of instruction in the term. Students may request a withdrawal by emailing Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Alyssa Canelli, who will reach out to you to discuss your request. Failure to notify the University in writing of a withdrawal may subject the student to loss of eligibility for refunds in accordance with the refund schedule outlined in the “Fees and Expenses” section. Permission to withdraw voluntarily will not be granted if the student has not discharged all financial obligations to the University or has not made financial arrangements satisfactory to the Office of Financial Services.

Involuntary Withdrawal

Failure to Register: Students who fail to register by the registration deadline (refer to the Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s site) and/or fail to meet their financial obligations with the Office of Student Financial Services will be administratively withdrawn. They may be readmitted for study in a subsequent term, but not for the term in which they were withdrawn for failure to register. Belatedly fulfilling financial obligations will not negate the effects of administrative withdrawal.

Notification of Withdrawal and Appeal Process

If a student has been formally notified that they will be withdrawn from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the end of a semester, the student will have 48 hours to indicate to the Dean of GSAS whether they wish to appeal. If a student wishes to appeal, the Dean will convene a review board composed of four faculty members from outside the student’s home department/program. The student will have seven (7) calendar days to file a written appeal to the Dean, indicating why the situation does not warrant withdrawal. Normally, the review board will hear that appeal within seven (7) calendar days of the Dean’s receipt of the written appeal petition. The Dean will serve as a non-voting member of committee. The student and the director of graduate studies within the student’s department will both have the opportunity to meet with the review board if they so choose. The board will communicate its decision to the Dean of GSAS (or a designee), who will review the recommendation and communicate the final decision to the student. The Dean's decision shall be final.

Access to Campus Services

When a student withdraws without a degree, their Brandeis email account is closed, and they lose access to Workday and Latte the effective date of their withdrawal. They will not have alum access to library databases, although students who were enrolled for at least a year may join the Brandeis University Alumni Association and borrow books. They will not be eligible for alum access to the athletic facilities. 

As all parking permits run for the academic year (September 1 through August 31), students who withdraw mid-year will still be able to use their permits through the expiration date.