Noack Tracker Organ

Noack OrganIn the fall of 1967 the Baroque style organ built by Fritz Noack of the Noack Organ Company of Georgetown, MA. was dedicated with a concert featuring organist Anthony Newman, with faculty member Robert Koff , violinist and director of the Brandeis University Chamber Orchestra.  The organ was commissioned by the Aber D. Unger Foundation specifically for the Slosberg Recital Hall.

The Noack is a tracker action instrument with the following stops:

Great Swell Pedal
8´ Principal 8´ Gedackt 16´ Subbass
8´ Chimney Flute 4´ Koppelfloete 8´ Open Bass
4´ Octave 2´ Principal 4´ Quinatadena
2´ Nachthorn 1 1/3´ Quinte IV Mixture
II Sesquialtera III Cymbal 16´ Bassoon
IV Mixture 8´ Schalmey

Close up of keys on the Noack OrganRecitalists on the Noack have included Gustav Leonhardt, Marie-Claire Alain and Anthony Newman. The instrument is available for lessons and practice, and is often used to accompany the University Chorus and Chamber Singers.