Music Minor

Global Soundscapes (MUS 3b) or Critical Listening (NEW COURSE) 4cr

Choose one of the following:

  • Global Soundscapes (MUS 3b) 4cr: This course introduces music as a social and cultural practice around the globe. Deep dives into a number of music cultures. Requires no previous knowledge of western music notation from the common practice period. Taught by musicology faculty in the Spring.
  • Critical Listening (NEW COURSE) 4cr: This course introduces a critical approach to listening to music, and how the experience of music is communicated to others. In this topics-based course, we survey how we listen to music through a broad range of repertoire and music writings about it, including academic analyses of music, concert and recording reviews, and theories of music from a broad range of cultures. Fulfills the OC core requirement. Taught by musicology faculty in the Spring.

One semester of music theory sequence MUS 101a,101b,103a,103b and the co-requisite lab (102a,102b, 104a, 104b) 6cr
One semester of a performance ensemble 2cr
Electives 12cr

Three elective courses that are eligible for minor credit, at least two of which are MUS courses, the third may be a cross-listed course with music. No elective course may be taken twice for minor credit.

MUS 1a, 2a, 5a, b and 80-89 may not be counted as electives.