• Travis Alford ’14, Teaching Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, East Carolina University

  • Talia Amar, ’20, composition faculty member at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel
  • Allen Anderson ’84, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Michael Annicchiarico ’94, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

  • John Aylward ’08, Associate Professor, Clark University

  • Ross Bauer ’84, Professor, University of California, Davis

  • Paul Beaudoin ’02, Visiting Assistant Professor, Fitchburg State College

  • Richard Beaudoin ’08, Assistant Professor of Music, Dartmouth College

  • Mark Berger ’12, Associate Professor of the Practice of Music, Music Department Chair, Violist of the Lydian String Quartet, Brandeis University

  • Scott Brickman ’96, Associate Professor, University of Maine, Fort Kent

  • Whitman Brown ’99, Head of Composition and Theory, Walnut Hill School, Natick, MA

  • Lou Bunk ’09, Assistant Professor, Franklin Pierce University

  • Yu-Hui Chang ’01, Associate Professor, Brandeis University

  • Peter Child ’81, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Anthony Cornicello ’00, Associate Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University

  • David Dominique ’17, Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, College of William and Mary

  • Maxwell Dulaney ’13, Assistant Professor, Tulane University

  • Douglas Durant ’89, Lecturer, Northeastern University

  • David Fuentes ’88, Professor, Calvin College

  • Christian Gentry ’12, Assistant Professor, Framingham State University

  • Stanley Hoffman ’93, Editor in Chief, E.C. Schirmer Music Company, Inc.

  • Derek Hurst ’06, Associate Professor (PT), Berklee College of Music

  • Derek Jacoby ’13, Faculty, Phillips Academy

  • Christopher Kies ’84, Professor, University of New Hampshire

  • Emily Koh ’17, Assistant Professor of Composition, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia

  • Peter Van Zandt Lane ’13, Associate Professor of Composition and Director of the Dancz Center for New Music, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia

  • Henri Lazarof* MFA ’59,  distinguished composer, pianist, conductor; member of the faculty of U. of California, Los Angeles
  • Seunghee Lee ’14,  Associate Professor, Ave Maria University, Florida

  • Peter Lieberson* ’85, former Associate Professor, Harvard University, 5-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Grawemeyer Award recipient

  • Rodney Lister ’01, faculty member, New England Conservatory of Music

  • Robert J. Lubbin ’95, Associate Professor, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

  • Alvin Lucier MFA '60, John Spencer Camp Professor of Music, Emeritus, Wesleyan University

  • Steven Mackey ’85, Professor, Princeton University

  • John Mallia ’03, Director of Electronic Music Studio, New England Conservatory of Music

  • Christopher Malloy ’98, Associate Professor, University of Denver

  • Laurie San Martin ’03, Professor, University of California, Davis

  • Timothy Melbinger ’99, Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

  • Marjorie Merryman ’81, Professor of Composition, Manhattan School of Music

  • Donald McDonnell ’94, Professor, Berklee College of Music

  • Maria Neiderberger ’91, Professor, East Tennessee State University

  • Jon Nelson ’91, Professor, University of North Texas

  • Samuel Nichols ’06, Lecturer, University of California, Davis

  • Jonathan Northrop ’03, Faculty, Central Connecticut State University

  • Seung-Won Oh ’05, Assistant Professor of Composition, DePaul University School of Music

  • William Pfaff ’94, Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Plattsburgh

  • Sally Pinkas ’91, Professor, Dartmouth College

  • Armond Qualliotine ’86, Associate Professor (PT), Berklee College of Music

  • Jeff Roberts ’08, Assistant Professor of East Asian Music and Culture, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta

  • Steve Roens MFA ’77, Associate Professor, University of Utah

  • Jeremy Sagala ’07, Actively composing in Ingolstadt, Germany

  • Charles Shadie ’97, Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Sheila Silver ’76, Professor, State University of New York, Stonybrook

  • Craig Walsh ’99, Associate Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson

  • Steven Weigt ’01, Lecturer, Boston University

  • Michael Weinstein ’91, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

  • Julia Werntz ’00, Associate Professor, New England Conservatory of Music and Northeastern University

  • Scott Wheeler ’84, Associate Professor, Emerson College

  • Jeremy Woodruff MFA ’99, Lecturer in Composition, KM College of Music and Technology

  • Tsung-Hsien Yang ’86, Professor of Composition, Taipei National University of the Arts

  • Michele Zaccagnini ’15, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

* deceased