Suleyman Dost

Suleyman DostAssistant Professor of Classical Islam


  • The University of Chicago, PhD
  • The University of Chicago, AM


Professor Dost researches early Islamic history through the lenses of both traditional narrative sources in various languages including Arabic, Greek, Latin and Syriac, and sources that can be qualified as documentary evidence such as pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabian epigraphy, coins and early Arabic papyri. His primary focus is the Qur'ān, the scripture of Islam and one of the earliest discursive written texts in Arabic. In addition to working on situating the Qur'ān in its late antique and Judeo-Christian context, Professor Dost researches the history of the Qur'ān's textual transmission according to the testimonies of Muslim historians with the corroboration of the earliest manuscript evidence that is available to us.