Submitting to the Library


Basic Formatting

Title pages should contain the following basic information:

  • Brandeis University
  • Department of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies
  • Academic Year
  • Author
  • Title of thesis
  • Date
  • Thesis Advisor

Senior honors theses are submitted to the Archives electronically, and they appear in ScholarWorks. Please note that only the final version is to be submitted electronically upon approval from each department or program. Theses will still be submitted to senior thesis defense committees for review first. Electronic submission to ScholarWorks is the final step in the process, after all corrections have been made.

Cover Sheet

Please include a cover sheet based on the template with the signatures of your thesis advisor and committee members. Your thesis must be submitted as a PDF. Be sure to follow the instructions for naming the PDF file.

You can find more information on the Guide for Thesis Writers at Brandeis research guide.


Please upload your thesis to ScholarWorks prior to Commencement.